Thursday, August 1, 2013

Safeword by AJ Rose

Title:   Safeword
Author: AJ Rose
My RatingA+

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: Power Exchange #2
Main Characters: Ben and Gavin
Release Date:  June 2013
Publisher: Voodoo Lily Press 
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Released on June 1, 2013

Everywhere Detective Gavin DeGrassi looks he’s reminded of his attack by the Breath Play Killer. It’s in the house he lives in with his partner and Dom, Ben Haverson. It’s in the sympathetic yet pitying looks he receives from his fellow detectives when he returns to the force after a year-long hiatus. It’s in the suffocating coddling of his entire family, and the relentless reporter demanding an exclusive of his ordeal.

Most of all, it’s in his lack of submission to Ben, who isn’t convinced Gavin’s recovered enough to trust the power exchange between them.

The miraculous recovery of two teen boys from a twisted kidnapper gives him heart, and Gavin's determined to prove he can handle anything despite increasing strain between him and Ben, painful nightmares, and panic when anyone touches him.

But his next case is too close for comfort: a friend and colleague found raped and murdered in a fate chillingly similar to what could have been his own, and this killer isn’t stopping with one cop. As the body count rises and taunting souvenirs are being hand-delivered to Gavin, he faces a frustrating lack of leads, a crushing need to prove himself, and a sinking suspicion the imprisoned kidnapper’s reach is further than originally thought. A miasma of uncertainty and fear threaten to suffocate him when he asks a question with which he’s overwhelmingly familiar: what happens when a victim is pushed too far?

110,000 words

My Review:

This is book #2 in the Power Exchange series. Both books follow the same couple, Ben and Gavin, and in this book they are still feeling the aftereffects of the things that happened at the end of book #1. Their relationship is based upon a BDSM lifestyle, but after being held captive by a serial killer, they both are having issues returning to that lifestyle that they love and rely upon. As a result, I really think you need to read both of these books to get the full experience from the series...besides, they are both really good books so you really need to read both.

Ben is a psychologist who works with the police department and Gavin is a detective. They both work very high stress jobs in a normal, everyday environment, but the events of the last year plus have taken their toll...on both of them. Although you begin the book by only seeing Gavin's issues, I was glad that eventually we saw Ben cracking a bit too. What happened, happened to both of them and they both have to heal from that. Midway through the book, I wasn't sure how that was going to happen, but I agree with where the author took them. I think that was the only real solution for these two men. (and don't let this make you all know, I can't be happy with a book that doesn't have a good ending...that isn't a problem with this book, at all. It has a good ending. It just wasn't an ending I ever would have predicted.)

This book is called Safeword, and for this couple, their safeword is "Thunder". Both times the safeword was used in this book, it literally left me breathless at the heartwrenching emotion of the scenes. Wow...some seriously good emotional writing here.

This book takes place over a year after the end of book #1. I loved how things have progressed for Myah, Gavin's police detective partner, and Cole, Gavin's brother, since then. I love this couple and they provide so many fun moments in the midst of what is a really serious, emotional book.

Also, can I just add in here that it takes a great story teller to take a horrific crime like is in this book and then make you feel for the person that committed it. Never have I been as touched by a psychotic killer as I was in this book. My heart just ached for him.

This was an amazing book. I finished it 14 hours ago and it still occupies all my thoughts. It's definitely one that lingers. It was really good!


Anonymous said...

Power Exchange has to be read first to even begin to understand the emotional destruction & healing that is taking place. These books are both 'box of tissues' reads. You will find yourself reading them multiple times. Excellent reads .. both of them! A+ from me on both!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed both books in this series. It sounds very interesting to have the crime aspect of the first one and then the aftershocks being felt in this one. Makes for a different read than most romance books in any genre/category.