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Programmed for Pleasure by Jenna Ives

Title:  Programmed for Pleasure
Author: Jenna Ives
My Rating: B

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Jai and Marque
Release Date: April 2013
Publisher:  -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Tau Cetus police agent Jai Turner is being sent undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex robot in order to bring down the planet's most notorious arms dealer, Marque Callex. The police have never been able to get close to Callex, and Jai’s assignment is to use her sexual skills to satisfy Marque, and to coax information out of him on his illicit dealings – information that will lead to his conviction. 

Notoriously reclusive arms dealer Marque Callex only accepted an invitation from Beautiful Dolls because he needs a little stress relief. With his deadly line of work – and the dangerous secrets he’s keeping – he rarely lets anyone into his life. That’s why a week of free, no-commitment, no-holds-barred sex – in return for giving Beautiful Dolls owner Anson Carron feedback on how his newest model of sexbot performs – is perfect for him.

But neither Jai nor Marque are what they seem, and their week together has consequences neither expected.

My Review:
This book had a really interesting premise. Obviously set in the future, it had a sci fi twist with the fact that Jai is a cop, who's requested to go undercover as a sex robot. Even in this future world, this is not something that Jai is comfortable with, but one of her fellow cops was murdered by this man, Marque Callex, and they haven't been able to get near him any other way to get evidence about him. It's the only way and though it makes Jai really uncomfortable, she's willing to give up that comfort to catch this man that she and the force knows needs to be taken off the streets. He has her services for an hour every day for a week at lunch. In that time, she's supposed to get him relaxed enough with her so that he talks to her. It works...and Jai discovers he's not the man she thought he was.

Like I said...interesting, right?? It was and I found myself really mesmerized by this situation that Jai and Marque find themselves in. Marque is under a LOT of stress in his job and knows he needs to let go some and that's why he agrees to the sex robot, but is shocked to find that he really likes her. He never suspects that she's not a robot, but is surprised by just how life-like and real she seems. He's also a bit disturbed by how distracting she is to him. He's fascinated and drawn to her in a way he never has been with other woman. 

Jai's in a tougher spot. She has to continue to act robot-like in very un-robot-like situations. She also quickly discovers that Marque is nothing like she expected. She likes him and begins to feel really uncomfortable with what they are doing. And as things are revealed, the hopelessness of their situation hikes up. He will never forgive her for this deception. 

I liked it. It's definitely hot....hello, sexbot, but there was also some emotion and story behind it all too. The love happened a little too quickly for my taste, but I could definitely see how the connection could evolve this quickly. Quirky, fun, and action-packed. It was DEFINITELY worth the read!

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