Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Kate Savage Chronicles: Tales of a Reformed Prude by B.W. Thomas

The Kate Savage Chronicles: Tales of a Reformed Prude
by B.W. Thomas
My Rating: B

Story Overview:
With ten years of a terribly unfulfilled marriage just behind her, a young woman sets out on an uncompromising journey of personal and erotic discovery.

Kate Savage is a thirty-something relatable modern woman who has been through the sort of unsatisfying, confining, long term relationships many of us have experienced at one point in our lives. Newly divorced, she sets out to live her life on her terms and make up for lost time. She finds a willing partner in crime along the way, and ends up in one adventurous erotic encounter after the next. What starts out as an incredible "friends with benefits" situation with her partner at the beginning, builds into a relationship of complex emotions which leaves her, quite literally, living on the edge.

My Review:

Okay, you need to go into this book knowing that it’s straight erotica. This book is all about the sex, not the romance, but that’s okay because it does that side of it all very well.

Kate is a woman who just came out of a ten year long marriage. She’s newly divorced and is ready to experience the adventurous side of sex. So, she sets out in this book to explore and finds Michael. Michael is fully willing to help her in her exploration and between the two of them come up with some rather scintillating experiences.

For what this book is, I found it to be rather good. It’s entertaining. It’s sexy. It’s fun. The author has a forward talking about the fact that he wants you to come out of it thinking about the fantasy that can be part of sex and it definitely does that. There’s not a single event in the book that isn’t attainable. This book is meant as inspiration and I would say that it definitely fulfills that goal.

I found Kate’s journey intriguing and I like how the author set up the book so that he can write about further adventures for her. This particular book covers a few months and her relationship with Michael. Besides when they are involved in multiple partners, they are monogamous and I liked that about the story. The story is very easy to read and though there were a few writing issues, it was easy to overlook them because I got caught up in the story. The author of this book is a man and as such, is a bit more down and dirty than I normally enjoy, but again, that’s just the style of the book.

I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it for someone looking for a sexy escape. It would be even better to read it with a partner and use it as intended…for inspiration.

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