Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quickie Review: Safeword Quinacridome by Candace Blevins

Safeword Quinacridone
by Candace Blevins
My Rating: B

Story Overview:
What happens when an introverted artist who only likes sex when it's a one-night stand meets a computer-geek-extraordinaire with his own sexy secrets? Objectification, romance, pain, adoration, lots of kinky toys, and oodles and oodles of wonderfully imaginative sex.

Join Cara and Travis on their journey to mesh their distinctive sexual tastes into a loving relationship with blow-your-mind kink.

1. Treating a person as an object for use, with no regard
     for a person's personality or sentience.
2. Regarding someone as a commodity; considering them
     merely an instrument towards one's sexual pleasure.

1. A woman is on her back at the edge of a tall bed with
     hands and feet bound together and restrained above her
     head. A curtain drapes from a canopy above and puddles
     on the backs of her thighs. The man about to penetrate
     her sees only female genitals available for use.
2. A woman is dressed in a full latex blow-up doll costume
     with durable latex ‘pockets’ stuffed into her orifices.
     She is bound into a position giving easy access to all
     three holes at a party. Her face is completely covered
     excepting nose and mouth. The men do not know who
     is in the costume.

Safeword: Quinacridone is a stand-alone book. You do not need to have read the previous books in this series.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, consensual BDSM, extreme objectification, bondage, watersports (one scene), chemical play, fisting, temporary body modification with saline injections (one scene), and the use of toys including clamps, canes, plugs, paddles, whips, floggers, and zip-ties.

My Review:
I'm just doing a quickie review on this one, mainly because there were so many parts of this book that made me just uncomfortable. This is a full-length book, but it is hardcore. I read a lot of erotic romance and erotica and this pushed my limits big time. I would never want to go back and re-read it.

That being said, I did enjoy reading it overall. 

I loved the characters especially Travis. His story is a good one. He was making millions by the time he was 15 and was your typical geek....he's not relaxed with women and because of his circumstances, never learned how to be relaxed with women. He has different kinks and has luckily learned how to be safe with them. He talks throughout the book how things could have gone differently and he could have turned out to be a truly scary person if he hadn't been taught certain practices at the beginning. He needs to hurt women to enjoy sex.

On the other side is Cara. She likes to be objectified....meaning she wants to be treated as nothing other than a body during emotion and certainly no love. She also enjoys a bit of pain. She's an artist and I loved that side of her. That's actually what drew Travis (who never, ever dates) to her...he's a computer genius and saw what she was doing on her graphics program on the computer at  a cafe.

The sexual side of this book was too extreme for me. If it had just been the story of these two interesting characters, without all the extreme sexual encounters, I think I would have enjoyed it more. As it is, I feel that it's a bit wrong that I even read it. Not the way I want to feel when I walk away from a book. 

Note: no extreme erotic romance books for me.


Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

LOL Christi I read this one yesterday and yeah way more extreme than I'm used to. It squicked me out a bit but didn't make me too uncomfortable thank goodness. Not that any of it was my taste. Goodness.

I loved the two of them though. And really liked that they talked about what could have been. Was just an interesting read. I'll be trying her again some day I think.

herding cats & burning soup

Christi Snow said...

Anna, I saw your posts about it on FB yesterday and went on Amazon to check it out and ended up reading it the rest of the day. definitely wasn't for me, but I still found myself spellbound by it and the characters. It was a completely different way...and very educating. I had no idea! LOL...

Vanessa Romano said...

HA! I clicked on this review link because of Anna's Facebook post. I had to see what all the fuss was about. Now I'm off to Google. I'm thinking the "watersport" in this book is much different than what I know as watersport.

Vanessa Romano said...

oh my. I'm done.

Christi Snow said...

Hehe...seriously, Vanessa, just as this comment into my inbox, I was reading your comments on The Book Vixen. Now I'm really curious about the book you were reading last week. ;o) Curiosity...not necessarily a good thing. LOL....smiles!

Christi Snow said...

ooops, wrong blog...the Book Nympho.

Christi Snow said...

and yeah...watersports...WAY past my comfort zone. O.O