Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Kiss Me by KyAnn Waters

Title: Just Kiss Me
Author: KyAnn Waters
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Ken and Brice
Release Date: April 2013
Publisher: -
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Ken Turner isn't just hot. He lives life to the fullest. Friendly, exciting, and open about who he is. A gay man ready for adventure--in and out of bed. Brice Cannon is the complete opposite. He has a past he can't forget, and insecurities that keep him from really living. If he could just drop the façade and be himself for once, maybe he could have a small taste of all Ken has to offer.

But Ken has issues of his own. Boyfriends and sex don't equal a relationship. All he's ever been is a piece of ass, but then that's all he's ever wanted.

In each other, can they discover the past doesn't define who they are or their future but trust and honesty will?

My Review:
This is my first KyAnn Waters novel, although I own a couple of others...just have never found time to read them. I need to make the time. But this is a short novella, so when I bought it, I snuck it into my reading schedule. I'm so glad I did.

Yes, this is a novella, but it is in no way short on story. The two heroes are Brice and Ken and they each have their emotional angst, which makes this story so sexy. Ken is a flight attendant. He's a people person and a bit of a man whore....unapologetically. He knows what he is, but he does have nigglings of doubt about where he is in his life, wondering what he's missing out on. 

Brice is the polar opposite of Ken. He's a very private, introverted person. He doesn't have a lot of sexual experience and absolutely no experience with relationships....and there are reasons for that. But he's a very successful businessman who lives in Reno on the weekends, and commutes back and forth to work via airline, twice a week. That's how he knows Ken. 

The two are definitely drawn to each other, but they have very different approaches and backgrounds. I liked how awkward they were together, because it shows just how much they each wanted this to work out. That want kept getting in the way of doing the right thing...and it made me, as the reader, just pull for them all the more. I loved both of them, but Brice....*swoon*....god, I love a wounded hero and he's a good one. He wants Ken, but just does all the wrong things. And the whole time I was reading it, I just wanted to give him a hug and a push toward Ken. That makes it that much sweeter when he finally gets it right...and the fact he got it right on a motorcycle. Oh hell yeah.....seriously sexy!

This book is short, but it's so sweet and sexy and full of great emotional angst. I highly recommend it! And now I need to go pull my other KyAnn Waters books out of my mountain high TBR pile...

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