Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whitetail Rock by Anne Tenino

Title:  Whitetail Rock
Author: Anne Tenino
My Rating: B+ 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series:  Whitetail #1
Main Characters: Nik and Jurgen
Release Date: July 2011

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview

Nikhil “Nik” Larson is a snarky, dark-skinned adoptee from India who grew up in the Whitest Town in America. Back to visit his parents Nik meets Trooper Jurgen Dammerung, a blond, butch motorcycle cop who’s so hot he leaves a con trail wherever he goes.

Jurgen is the epitome of everything Nik hated about growing up the lone Indian boy among a town of white people. But Jurgen surprises him rather (ahem) pleasantly, in spite of — or because of — Nik’s attempts to needle him. By the end of his visit, Nik realizes he likes Jurgen. But Jurgen’s so not the relationship type.


My Review:

Shirley from Creative Deeds told me about these two novellas available for free on Anne Tenino's blog. They tell the story of how Nik and Jurgen get together...and I loved these two guys in Too Stupid to I immediately grabbed them up to read. This is one of those times where FREE does NOT mean bad...Both of these novellas were wonderful. 

This is the first of the two. It's told entirely from Nik's POV and he has some issues with Jurgen's attraction to him. Jurgen is a cop in his small hometown where people tend to be a little narrow-minded. Being someone with darker skin tones, Nik has always stood out in this small town and unfortunately, that's usually meant bad things for him. So he doesn't trust Jurgen or his motives.

I liked Jurgen a lot and loved how truly befuddled he was a lot of the time by Nik's concerns. He's not exactly mainstream...he's a gay man who's also a cop so he understands about harrassment, but for him, Nik's skin color is just so not an issue. He just knows that he really likes the guy.

I loved seeing Nik and his insecurities and I especially loved the glimpses of him and his friend Sam, one of the characters from Too Stupid to Live. It was a fun novella. Definitely entertaining and definitely worth the read.

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