Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tempt Me by Olivia Cunning

Title:  Tempt Me
Author: Olivia Cunning
My Rating:A- 

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series:  One Night with Sole Regret #2
Main Characters: Madison and Adam
Release Date: September 2012


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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
For the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.

One more night…

For almost a year, Madison has been Adam’s hook-up every time his band, Sole Regret, tours through Dallas. But in spite of the way he sets her body ablaze with passion, the occasional night of rock-her-world sex isn’t enough anymore. She needs a commitment and knows that won’t fit into Adam’s rock-star lifestyle. Madison will take one more hot-and-heavy night with the sexy musician before she cuts all ties with him for good. Even if she must break her own heart to do it.

To tempt him…

Life isn’t all bright lights and fan adulation for the lead guitarist for Sole Regret. Madison has seen Adam at his worst and still managed to bring out the best in him. Her cleverly concealed naughty side also brings out the beast in him. He’s never met a more tempting woman in his life.

Madison has no problem tempting Adam into her bed, but can she tempt his heart into taking a chance on love?

Tempt Me is the second novella in Olivia Cunning’s Sole Regret series. This 32,500 word erotic romance novella contains explicit sexual situations, including some rough backdoor lovin’, hair-pulling, spanking, and whole lotta dirty talk.

My Review:
I loved this story and I loved the romance between Madison and Adam. But I worry about them. Adam has so many unresolved issues- it would be so easy for him to screw up his life and their relationship. But I do love the romance of their story. Because there's such a high risk to it, it almost seems sweeter that they are determined to make it work. 

There were many things about this story that I loved:
*Adam's hidden artistic talent
*Madison's emerging kinky side
*even the mystery of what happened between Shade and Adam to ruin their friendship--I'm REALLY intrigued by this.
*I loved Adam's responses every time he thought about Madison with another seemed so true and so sweet.

Like the first book in the series, I wanted this book to go on much longer than it did. It was just such a great story. I immediately became immersed and didn't want to let go. I'm hoping to get more glimpses of Madison and Adam as we go through the rest of the series. 

It was so good. I'll say it again-- NO ONE writes sexy rock stars like Olivia Cunning!


bookgoonie said...

I've been toying with the idea of picking up this series, because it is cheaper than the Sinners on Tour series. You've got me very interested. Well I mean Cunning knows how to pique anyone's interest. Didn't realize this was a rock star series too.

Christi Snow said...

I've just read the first three in this series and think that they are just as good as the Sinners books....just shorter. I truly love Olivia Cunning's style of writing...and *sigh* she does create some seriously HOT rockers!! So smexy!!! smiles....