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Show No Weakness by Joyce M. Holmes

Title:  Show No Weakness
Author: Joyce M. Holmes
My Rating: C

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series:  -
Main Characters: Cole and Joely
Release Date: June 2012

Publisher: Secret Cravings
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
She’s a free-spirited social worker, looking for her Happy-Ever-After. He’s a distrustful RCMP Corporal who’s sworn off relationships. Their sexual attraction is so hot, it oughta be illegal. Factor in a surly teen heading for delinquency, and you have a case of passion and turmoil too explosive to handle.

As a defense mechanism to deal with his guilt and grief over his daughter's death, Cole Dennison has become an expert at compartmentalizing his feelings. He keeps his personal life private, while making it his mission at work to rescue children in peril.

Joely Sinclair is fiercely protective and openly compassionate. When she meets Cole Dennison, she falls hard. He's everything she admires in a man, and because she wears her heart on her sleeve, she can't understand how or why Cole keeps all his emotions to himself.

Does her love have the power to heal this wounded man?

My Review:
There were moments that I really liked this book. I love how Cole and Joely are immediately drawn to each other, but it takes her troubled teenage son to pull them together. The moments in the book when Taylor was getting in trouble were definitely the most riveting for me. 

It's interesting especially knowing Cole's sad past with his own daughter and how much he doesn't want to become emotionally involved with Taylor and Joely. In the end, it's not something that he can fight and I really liked that part of the story.

What bothered me about this book though was Joely. I just couldn't like her as a character. She treats her fifteen year old like an eight year old and she treats Cole like he's only fifteen. The lack of respect for his wishes the last ten percent of the book did it in for me. I just can't see how a happily ever after could ever work for these two when she just barrels through with what she thinks is right, regardless of Cole's feelings on the matter. It ruined the book for me.

Like I said...the premise is good, the writing is good, and I like all the other characters. I just had a personal issue with Joely's choices that affected my enjoyment of the book and I rate purely on how much I enjoy reading a book. But the book is pretty good, so if the story appeals to you, don't let my viewpoints keep you from trying it out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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