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Shades of Passion by Virna DePaul

Title:  Shades of Passion
Author: Virna DePaul
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series:  SIG #3
Main Characters: Simon and Nina
Release Date: March 2013

Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Shades of the past

Detective Simon Granger has devoted his life to solving high-risk cases, and he's vowed never again to get involved with a woman whose work is equally as dangerous. But when the Special Investigations Group teams him with a beautiful psychiatrist , his resolve is shattered by the tense and emotionally charged partnership....

Shades of intrigue

Determined to outrun the grief over her sister's death, Dr. Nina Whitaker reluctantly agrees to use her training to help the police. Despite Detective Granger's disdain for her profession, she believes she can change his mind. But then a grieving father begins a deadly game of revenge, threatening Nina's life, challenging her beliefs, and drawing Nina and Simon together in an explosive endgame of intrigue...and unstoppable passion.

Shades of passion...

My Review:
This is a book that kept me guessing all the way through. At first, I wondered how in the world Virna DePaul was going to turn it into a romantic novel when the hero was so torn up about his former girlfriend's death, but then the last half of the novel was spent trying to figure out who in the world was the bad guy...btw, I never did figure it out until it was revealed in the novel. This book is a great romantic suspense. All the clues are there, but I was NEVER able to piece it all together because they were woven so beautifully into the story. 

And what a story it is. Simon is part of the SIG team. Last year, his ex-girlfriend, Lana, was murdered in one of the other books from this series. It was shocking and horrifying, both to me as a reader and to Simon, the fictional character (I know, I know....but they are real to me...hehe). Her death was devastating to him because even though they broke up, he still loved her. This book takes place six (or maybe eight...I can't remember) months later and he's still having issues dealing with her death.

Then he meets Nina, a woman who is very similar to Lana in both her career and looks. For the first time in a long time, Simon feels the draw to another woman. BUT, and this is a big but, the exact same issues that Simon had with Lana about her career are there between him and Nina too. He does not understand the mental field and how doctor's can justify their patient's actions based upon mental state...in his cop's eyes, hurting someone else is wrong, no matter what the reason.

This is really just a masterfully woven story. Both Simon and Nina are complex characters. They both have their very real issues. Add to that: a serial killer who obviously has his own mental difficulties, several grieving souls, a new program for the police department to help them identify suspects with mental difficulties, and another cop on the verge of completely losing it... It really does weave in and out to keep you guessing. All the way through the book, I completely kept changing my mind about who was the real guilty party. I love a book that keeps me guessing like that. 

Then there is the romantic story between Simon and Nina. Even though I didn't think I was going to be able to buy into it at first, Virna DePaul convinced me. They were a great couple with incredible chemistry. I loved how Simon transitioned and grew through this book. Nina had to face her own demons too. Constantly, the characters in this book were having to take a step back to take a good mental look at where they were. I loved that and the whole psychological aspect to it. It made for really interesting and entertaining reading. 

I continue to love this series and the team from SIG. I cannot wait to read DeMarco's story. My heart hurt so much for him in this book....I want to see him in a happy place.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Virna DePaul said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing SOP!! I'm SO glad you enjoyed it!! :-)