Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Diamonds are Truly Forever by Gina Robinson

Title:  Diamonds are Truly Forever
Author: Gina Robinson
My Rating: B-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Agent Ex #2
Main Characters: Staci and Drew
Release Date: May 2012

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Diamonds Are Truly Forever 

An Agent Ex Novel from Gina Robinson

Staci Fields loves her gorgeous husband—and that’s the honest truth. Unfortunately, her inability to lie is a major liability for the wife of a CIA agent. During a previous mission, her loose lips nearly got her husband killed. So now Staci’s filing for divorce to keep him out of danger—no matter how much her lips still crave his kiss…

Drew Fields knows that his wife doesn’t want to play the spy game anymore. But when he learns that Staci may be a pawn in her stepfather’s secret dealings with terrorists, he has no choice but to step back into her life. This time, the stakes are higher than ever. The closer he gets to Staci, the deadlier the odds. And the more he loves his ex, the more he has to lose…

My Review:

Overall, I am really enjoying this fun spy series from Gina Robinson. The premise behind them is that Spy Boss, Emmett, does not want his agents to leave ex's behind. An ex is an informant to the enemy just waiting to happen. Plus, I honestly think that Emmett is simply a romantic at heart. These guys do difficult, stressful jobs and he doesn't want their love lives to suffer for that.

A while ago, Drew made the mistake of taking his wife Staci on a mission. It was supposed to be a romantic time for them while he was also working the case, but she accidentally let it slip that they were married, she was captured and tortured, and Drew almost died. Another agent, Jack, did die. Their relationship didn't survive. Staci doesn't blame Drew for what happened. She blames herself and the fact that she can't lie, even though she was being tortured at the time. She just isn't made for the spy game, so she needs to let Drew go before she gets him killed. 

They both still love each other, so when Emmett throws them into a mission where they have to be undercover as themselves and reunited, well things just naturally happen. 

I think I would have liked this book better if it was just a bit shorter. I liked the story and the premise, but it just seemed to go on for too long. I was ready for it to be over long before it actually was. Everything in the book was just drawn out for too long. But that being said, it was still fun and I cannot wait for book #3 in this series since Jack is supposed to be dead. 

I like these books. They are unlike anything else out right least with what I read and they are pure fun and adventure. Even the smexy parts...Gina doesn't get into huge details, but it still turns out to be scintillatingly sexy!

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Ashley Montgomery said...

This sounds like a really fun series. I'd hate to have the inability to lie when the lives of my family were at stake.