Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Scientist by Carolyn Wren

Title:  The Scientist
Author: Carolyn Wren
My Rating: B+

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Series: The Protectors #2
Main Characters: Simon and Elizabeth
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
A charismatic covert operative known for his love of danger…

Simon Winters has a reputation for undertaking adrenalin filled assignments. But even thrill seekers need some down time. After an arduous desert mission he asks for a more enjoyable assignment. Preferably involving a beautiful woman in peril and a fast car.

Dr. Elizabeth Barrett’s life is quiet and orderly until someone tries to burn down her research laboratory with her inside. Now she has to contend with a handsome flirtatious agent living in her home. With his designer clothing and cheeky attitude, he has an annoying habit of putting her in more perilous situations than he keeps her out of.

Simon is captivated and intrigued by his beautiful scientist with her red hair and hidden fiery temper. But the danger escalates and what begins as a straightforward mission turns deadly when it seems someone wants Beth and her research dead.

My Review:
This is book #2 from this fabulous new romantic suspense series. The premise of the series is following what is basically the love stories of this group of operatives/protectors/body guards run by Jared, the hero in Book #1. 

Book #2 follows Simon who is Jared's best friend while also being one of the protectors in the firm. He's requested an assignment that involves a gorgeous lady and so Jared assigns him to protect Beth, a scientist who has inexplicably been targeted. Simon is the typical undercover spy type...great dresser, very suave, has an accent, drives amazing cars, and loves a gorgeous woman. I liked watching him fall for Beth, because he falls hard. By the end of this book, he was almost cheesy with how in love with her he was....such a complete 180 from the swinging happy single he was before.

Beth is a scientist. She's a very methodical, analytical girl. She's definitely affected by Simon's good looks, but when she becomes involved with her science, nothing breaks her concentration...nothing, and Simon has no idea how to handle that. No one is able to resist him. That part was hilarious, especially since she had no idea that she was ignoring him. It was just a fact of who she is.

The suspense line in this one was pretty basic, but that just left it where you could concentrate your focus on the romance. It was a fun book...definitely entertaining.

A great quote from the book to show you why I love this series so much:
"You're welcome. Oh, and Simon? Don't be an idiot. I'm not trying to steal your girl."
"She isn't my girl."
"I take it back. You are an idiot."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Christi for the lovely review.
I enjoyed writing Simons cheeky character, so different from the serious Jared,
I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.