Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Marine and a Gentleman by Heather Long

Title: A Marine and a Gentleman
Author: Heather Long
My Rating: A 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)

Series: Always a Marine #9 (1NS)
Main Characters: Brendan and Liam
Release Date: February 2013
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Lieutenant Brenden Fitzpatrick is a dedicated Marine, loyal son, and devoted uncle but he’s lonely. When he went Marine, the rule was don’t ask, don’t tell. His brothers-in-arms pretty much didn’t ask and didn’t care. Watching so many friends settle into long-term relationships highlighted the absence of someone to come home to in his life. When his unit encourages him to give the 1Night Stand service a try, he asks for the impossible—a night with the one man he almost gave up the Marines for in the first place. A man he called best friend but let time and distance carry away.

Liam Gardiner grew up on the same Boston block as his best friend, Brenden. Unlike Brenden, Liam always accepted that he was gay—a fact he didn’t mind flaunting to all the bullies and naysayers in school. It got his ass kicked more than once but Brenden always had his back, rescuing him time and time again, until the day Brenden left for the Marines. He missed his buddy—the crush he never confessed, lest it cost him the precious friendship—so when Madame Eve’s invitation arrived to meet Brenden, Liam faces uncertainty for the first time.

My Review:
I love a good friends to lovers romance. This one was good because Brenden was so far in the closet, Liam never knew, even though they were best friends for a long time. But Brenden wanted to join the Marines and that was during the "don't ask, don't tell" era so he never, ever tempted fate and his future by letting his sexuality slip. Now that policy in the military is defunct and Brenden is going after the one guy he always wanted, but could never have, his best friend from high school, Liam.

Liam never had any idea that Brenden was gay. He was always attracted to him, but for obvious reasons, could never do anything about that. To find out now that things could have been different is quite a blow.

This was a good, hot little book. I enjoy the 1 Night Stand series and seem to enjoy them even more when the characters have a prior connection. Add in the military aspect of Brenden's and yep, this was good! Even though it's a 1NS, it also maintained an element of realism in that Brenden is very upfront about his military career. He's in the military for the long haul and that means a deployment is on the horizon. I thought the author handled that unknown very well for these two characters. I've never read her books before, but since this is #9 in this series, I will DEFINITELY be checking out some of her prior books in the series (although, it should be noted that this book absolutely works as a stand-alone book).

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