Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy Thing Called Love by Molly O'Keefe

Title: Crazy Thing Called Love
Author: Molly O'Keefe
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: #3
Main Characters: Maddy and Billy
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-0345533692
Publisher: Bantam
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview
In this poignant and deeply sensual new contemporary romance—perfect for readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson—Molly O’Keefe proves that lost loves don’t have to stay lost forever.
Dallas TV morning show host Madelyn Cornish is poised, perfect, and unflappable, from her glossy smile to her sleek professionalism. No one knows that her iron will guards a shattered heart and memories of a man she’s determined to lock out. Until that man shows up at a morning meeting like a bad dream: Billy Wilkins, sexy hockey superstar in a tailspin—still skating, still fighting, and still her ex-husband.
Now the producers want this poster child for bad behavior to undergo an on-air makeover, and Billy, who has nothing to lose, agrees to the project. It’s his only chance to get near Maddy again, and to fight for the right things this time around. He believes in the fire in Maddy’s whiskey eyes and the passion that ignites the air between them. This bad-boy heartbreaker wants a last shot to be redeemed by the only thing that matters: Maddy’s love.

My Review:
Flat out...I LOVED THIS BOOK! We've known Billy from the other books in this series and I've always really liked him, but had no idea what an incredible backstory he truly has. (If you haven't picked it up, I recommend that you read the novella by Molly O'Keefe that's included in the Naughty and Nice anthology. That novella chronicles what Maddy and Billy went through to get to their wedding when they were so young.)

Maddy and Billy have a LONG history. They met in a highly volatile situation when he was 12 and she was 10. From there they became friends and eventually lovers and then they got married. BUT Billy's family history isn't one to inspire the ability to foster a very young marriage. His parents were abusive and alcoholic. His sisters not much better. When he was drafted into the NHL, that was his out from this environment and he took Maddy with him. BUT neither knew how to handle a marriage as well as the pressures and fame that come from being in the NHL. It didn't take long for all of it to unravel.

I love the way this book is put together. There are tons of flashbacks throughout the book...and they are really perfectly done. It starts with the break-up of their marriage, then moves to where they are today. Maddy is the morning host on a Dallas talk show. Billy is causing havoc for his new NHL team in Dallas, fostering his bad boy/enforcer image. They've been divorced for 14 years and just recently ran into each other (a scene from one of the other books) for the first time. The flashbacks slowly move back through time, showing tiny snippets of Maddy and Billy's life when they were hopelessly in love. What isn't revealed until the very end (final flashback) is how Billy got his scar which plays a big part of how he's perceived. I cannot tell you how well all of this was done. Honestly, this book was completely riveting. I could not read fast enough.

The thing that there is no doubt about is that Maddy and Billy were definitely in love and way too young to get married. As they get to know each other again, it becomes quickly apparent that love hasn't changed. What has changed is their ability to trust each other and that love. When they were young, it was that trust in their love that let them move forward with their marriage, although everyone told them it wouldn't work. They thought because they were in love, it was infallible. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that wasn't the case. Even with love, they couldn't make it work and it was devastating to both of them. They absolutely don't want to put themselves out there for that kind of hurt again. It's truly an interesting twist for a romance novel. Usually in romance, there tends to be a "love conquers all" kind of theme. This book goes against that, but that makes it so much deeper emotionally. 

I'm telling you, this is a fantastic book! Such an amazing love story and definitely an early contender for my best of 2013 list. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Julie said...

I've seen this book around and so far only positive reviews. After reading yours, I am definitely putting in on my to-get list. Thanks Christi! :)

Christi Snow said...

It was so good, Julie. I read it about a month ago. I plan to buy it in print and sit down and reread it again. smiles...