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Seduction Under Fire by Melissa Cutler

Title: Seduction Under Fire
Author: Melissa Cutler
My RatingA-

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Main Characters: Camille and Aaron
Release Date: October 2012
ISBN: 0373278004
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Sworn enemies, too close for comfort

What's worse? Being held hostage by a Mexican drug cartel or being held hostage by that cartel with the one man you passionately hate? Camille Fisher, a brainy, tough-as-they-come cop, can't believe she's daring to escape with her too-hot nemesis, Aaron Montgomery. But once she outsmarts their brutal captors, the danger's just beginning.

Racing across the Mexican desert, Camille begins to glimpse the surprisingly decent man behind the boorish cad. With cartel hit men closing in, she tries hard to ignore her needful heart-and harder to resist the temptation threatening to do them both in...

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book. From the very start, it's clear that Camille and Aaron do not get along. Their connection is that his best friend is married to her sister so they have to deal with each other on a somewhat regular basis, but they do everything they can to avoid each other. Aaron is a man-whore who lives under a lucky star and it drives Camille batty. In her eyes, he's completely full of himself and a pig. She's had the worst luck possible and to watch him bask in the glow of a perfect life drives her nuts especially as she watches the bimbos circle around him. 

What neither one of them realize is that they are both working cases (Aaron works for ICE and Camille works for the police force) that involve the Mexican cartel. So when they are both kidnapped on the way to see their newly arrived god-child, they both think that they are the ones to blame. (In actuality, it's Aaron's fault....Camille just has the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.) But the fact is that they've been kidnapped and are in an extremely dangerous situation so they have to put their differences aside and work together so that they will make it out of this alive. 

Immediately, Aaron is surprised at how tough Camille is. I loved that. She has the brains and the iron will that come from her job even if she's not allowed to do it anymore because she was shot five years before. I love her character and the fact that she is the one constantly saving them and getting them out of jams. As he begins to see Camille in another light, Aaron also undergoes a transformation into a truly caring, wonderful guy. I loved the dichotomy between the two of them and the way that Melissa wrote their relationship development. It just felt right and was really fraught with tension that I loved. I honestly couldn't turn the pages in this book fast enough.

Overall, this was a fabulous read. Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite genres and Melissa Cutler wrote a great story here. It was super-romantic. There are some lines that come from Aaron in the last 25% that honestly just made my heart melt. I love how well he sees Camille and the wall she puts between them. There's also some amazing action in this book. From page one until the very end, both these characters are in and out of danger and I loved that. Talk about ratcheting up the suspense. Just really well-done! I'm so glad I read it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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