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Whatever the Cost by Lynn Kelling

Title: Whatever the Cost 
Author: Lynn Kelling
My RatingB

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Liam and Jacen
Release Date: May 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Novel (120,000 words)
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary, Romance, BDSM
Liam and Jacen are roommates–and elite prostitutes working for a secret organization, The Company. They spend their lives making fantasies come true for spoiled, dangerous clients. In the midst of daily risk of emotional and physical damage, their friendship has been an island of sanity and safety. When The Company orders them to do a job together requiring them to cross the no-sex boundary that has kept them friends, Liam and Jacen must examine how they really feel about each other, and how far they are truly willing to go. Is this the life they want? Used to offering up their bodies without protest to the mercurial whims of others while fiercely guarding their hearts, the true meaning of love and consent is a challenge neither has ever faced before. (M/M)

My Review:

I could not walk away from this book and that is saying something on a 120,000 word book. The story and characters were really amazing...definitely a character driven novel, but I will admit that the voice in the novel drove me nuts. It's written in 3rd person present tense and I just didn't like that. It was distracting to the point that it would literally pull me out of the story at times. Although that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is a gritty, harsh story and it's probably a good thing to come out of it a little bit just to give yourself a break emotionally.

This book is about Liam and Jacen. They are roommates and best friends who work for an escort service called The Company. When you work for the Company, you have a ten year contract and there is no getting out of it. Liam has been working there for most of his contract, but Jacen is new...he's only done a year. These guys are close. Because they both work for the Company, they are well-aware of what their job entails and the risks it involves. They take care of each other when things go too far and they get "damaged". They check in with each other after jobs and help prop each other on jobs that they hate. Liam is gay and his specialty is personas...he can make himself into anyone's fantasy. Jacen, on the other hand is a huge buff guy and straight, but will do the gay thing if paid enough. He's a big guy, so usually if someone wants him, they want him as a top so he can just pretend.

Things start to go awry for these two when Liam has a special request where he turns into Leah. Seeing Liam as Leah is a shocker and a real turn-on for Jacen. A few days later, there is a special request from one of Jacen's straight female clients. She wants to see him have sex with another guy. The Company sends Liam to fill the role. The problem is...when Liam works, he NEVER works as himself. He always dons a persona...that's how he gets through it. Working with Jacen, this doesn't work, because Jacen knows the real him. It throws their complete balance totally off-kilter and soon they both realize that they can't work for the Company any longer. It's time for them to run and go off-grid. They also get married as part of their cover.

Both of these guys have really horrific pasts. They didn't get into prostitution because their lives have been easy and they definitely have the scars from their childhoods and their years spent hooking. They have learned how to protect themselves emotionally so they can simply survive. BUT they truly love each other and are committed to making that work. It's just painful to watch as they learn how to develop a real relationship, how to heal mentally and sexually, and as they are dealing with the daily threat of the Company. Things come completely unraveled for them a time or's very realistic in this aspect. This is definitely not a book that's all rainbows and flowers. But at the same time that it's horrific and heart-breaking, there are moments for these two that are just beautiful. They have an amazing love...simply in that they can overcome all that they do.

I really enjoyed the book, but be warned...this is not for the faint of heart. There are some very violent scenes which may push some triggers for some people. Also, if you are a writing stickler, you are not going to be able to read this one. For the most part, I was able to overlook the writing issues, but even for me, they did become distracting at times...and I'm truly not that picky about those types of things on books that I enjoy.

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kimbacaffeinate said...

Great review Christi, I just read book one and my review will post Thanksgiving Day. So glad the story is still captivating at book 5. I am a new follower after our friend Felicia at the Geeky blogger said such nice things about you :)