Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Off Tuesday: I, Omega by Kari Gregg

This cover works for me. It's simple and sexy.
I like it!
I, Omega by Kari Gregg

Story Description:
After one mind-shattering night with a stranger at a local leather bar leaves him forever changed, Gabriel lives on the streets as a vagrant to elude the master who hunts him, but the were-shifter is a fierce, stubborn predator who reclaims him soon enough. Gabriel is carried away to the pack’s home territory where his instruction on what it means to be the pet of an alpha begins. Gabriel isn’t just any pet, though. He is the rarest among their kind: a human omega.
Treasured? Or cursed?
As Gabriel’s father, the Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania and stalwart of the conservative party, pushes the considerable resources at his disposal to locate his missing son, Gabriel explores who and what he is under his master’s careful protection. Gabriel falls for the shifter who is lover and destroyer, owner and...friend?

Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices.****************************

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Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

2 NIPS up!

I totally approve :) :) :)

Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal said...

I agree with you... simple is sexy. (I also agree with Felicia-- TWO NIPS UP!)

Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

I agree with EVERYONE! Two nips up! Simple and sexy! We all win with this one, Christi.

Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

Nips FTW!