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Shades of Temptation by Virna DePaul

Title:  Shades of Temptation
AuthorVirna DePaul
My Rating: B+

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: SIG #2
Main Characters: Carrie and Jase
Release Date: September 2012

Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Carrie Ward understands dangerous men, and she's got the scars to prove it. These days, the Special Investigations Group detective saves her risk taking for the job. But when she's asked to pursue a high-profile serial killer, she'll have to join forces with the last man she wants to depend on—Jase Tyler, an ace senior detective who's as reckless as she is cautious. And despite her best intentions, the sparks begin to fly.As Carrie and Jase race to try to save the next victim, the passion that simmers between them ignites. But a cunning killer at the top of his game is challenging Carrie to play to the very end. Now all she can count on are her instincts—and Jase, the one man daring enough to keep her safe….

My Review:

Carrie has just come back on the job at SIG after a one-month sabbatical after she was shot in the leg and subsequently killed the 16 yo that shot her. She had a split second where she questioned shooting him because he was so young and it cost them both. Her first case back is a high-profile serial killer. It should be a dream assignment, but Carrie is having issues (PTSD) from killing the kid and doubting herself and her abilities. Added to that stress is Jase. Jase and she have been circling each other for a while, but he's gorgeous and a player. She is not that kind of girl. She's a tough cop and has worked hard to maintain that non-feminine persona so that there's no question about her abilities on the job. Carrie has a LOT of issues that she's working through in this book.

The only issue Jase is having to work through is that he wants Carrie. I loved his character although there were moments when he was almost too perfect. He refuses to push Carrie into something she will regret later and there were times when I really wanted him to push her...or get frustrated with her...or something. BUT that being said, if I could make up my perfect guy, I think that Jase would definitely fit the bill. He's sexy. He's sweet. He's completely upfront with how much he wants Carrie. He's a good cop and quite honestly, he's just an all-around nice guy. I loved how much he wants Carrie and the fact that he's not afraid to show her that.

Then there are the serial killers....yes, two of them...both equally evil and psychotic. OMG, the killings in this book are enough to give you nightmares. These guys are psychos and it's hard to tell you which one is worse.

I continue to enjoy this series. I like the SIG...5 man investigative team, although this book rocked some of the stability of the team, with their leader on his honeymoon and a couple of the members taking some serious hits. I definitely am looking forward to reading more of their stories. This is just good romantic suspense reading!

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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