Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If You Were Mine by Bella Andre

Title:  If You Were Mine
Author: Bella Andre
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Sullivans #5
Main Characters: Zach and Heather
Release Date: May 2012
Publisher: Oak Press, LLC  

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Sexual Intensity: Hot

Story Overview:
Can two people who have both sworn off love find forever in each other's arms? Find out in IF YOU WERE MINE, the fifth book in USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre’s bestselling Sullivan family contemporary romance series.

The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to take care of his brother's new puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can't stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.

Heather Linsey can't believe she's stuck working with one of the city’s top dogs, auto-shop tycoon Zach Sullivan. Especially when his focus is clear from the start—not only to learn how to deal with his temporary puppy...but also to make Heather his. Having sworn off love at seventeen when she realized it was nothing more than a pack of lies, she has stuck to her vow never to fall for a charming man.

But as Heather's determination to push Zach away only fuels his determination to get closer—and the sensual and emotional connection between them grows more and more undeniable—will the biggest Sullivan bad boy of all tempt her into believing in love again?

Book 1: THE LOOK OF LOVE (Chase)
Book 2: FROM THIS MOMENT ON (Marcus)
Book 5: IF YOU WERE MINE (Zach)
Book 6: LET ME BE THE ONE (Ryan) ~ coming Fall 2012

My Review:
I'm a girl that likes angst in her books, and this one definitely fulfilled that with two people with lots of emotional scars, but the book also offered just a genuinely fun book to read. I love the back and forth between these two characters. They play off each other, and their dogs, really well.

Zach is the Sullivan we get to swoon over in this book. Described as the most beautiful of all Sullivan's, Zach is a high-profile mechanic and consummate bachelor. He's a player with plans to never change that. The thing that makes that so hard to accept is that Zach is all about family....he adores his and kids and animals. But everyone tells him that he's an exact replica of his father...the same father that died suddenly when Zach was 7, leaving Zach and his mother devastated. The reason he doesn't plan to ever fall in love, is that he truly doesn't believe he'll live that long and he doesn't want to leave another family devastated. *awww* Can you see why we love this guy? He's gorgeous. He's smart. He's sexy and funny. He's caring and will do ANYthing for his family. This is just an all-around nice guy, but he has this one tiny flaw.

Enter Heather, another scarred character (and hers are physical as well as emotional.) She had the perfect family....only child of a happily in love least that was what she thought. When she was 17, she discovered the truth between her father's charming was all fake. He spent and continued on having affairs throughout the entirety of his marriage to her mother which he swears he loves. As a result, Heather internalized the pain and became a cutter. She also doesn't believe in true love....she thinks it's all a lie. And she sure doesn't trust a charming guy.

I truly think that these books get better and better as we go along. The characters are extremely well-developed and the family atmosphere with all the Sullivan siblings is just so perfect to push the stories along. I loved the addition of the dogs to this story. It added such an amazing element since the dogs became completely attached to each other long before their owners did. I loved that they became their own characters within the story. The love story here had a slow development and I liked that. They truly do become friends before they then become friends with benefits and then more. Love is a long time down the line (within the story, although once it was all said and done, this book only covers a couple of weeks....but whoa, they are action-packed weeks.)

I loved this book and am so glad that I saved it to read for when the next book came out. Now I can settle right back down to read the next in the series...Ryan Sullivan's book (he's the pro baseball player...YUM!)

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