Monday, August 6, 2012

Hell On Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Title: Hell on Wheels
Author: Julie Ann Walker
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Black Knights Inc. #1
Main Characters: Nate and Ali
Release Date: August 2012

ISBN: 9781402267147

Publisher: Sourcebooks
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Nate Weller is a crackerjack sniper and masterful covert operative, and he's loved Ali Morgan nearly half his life. But she's his best friend's baby sister, so he keeps his feelings to himself. When she blows into town with a motherlode of bad guys on her tail, all of his protective instincts kick into high gear.

My Review:
Yes, I'll admit it. I absolutely did bawl with ugly wrenching sobs at one point in this book and yes, that does mean this book is just that good!! For those of us that love romantic suspense along the lines of Cindy Gerard, Christy Reece, and Tara Janzen, this is a brand spanking new series for you that you are GOING TO LOVE!!!

In this first book, we get introduced to the Black Knights, Inc. They are a black-ops contracting company that works out of Chicago under the guise of a custom motorcycle shop. And yeah, you guessed it, these guys all ride seriously souped-up motorcycles. *sigh* They're extremely bad-ass AND they ride hot bikes. This is my fantasy series!! Thank you Julie Ann!!!

Grigg and Nate have been best friends and tied to the hip since joining the Marines. They were a sniping team...Grigg, the spotter; Nate, the shooter. They got out of the Marines together 3 years ago and joined the Knights. But they were sent out on a mission that went horribly wrong and were captured and tortured for three days. Three days which Grigg didn't survive. The book opens with Nate and Grigg's little sister, Ali, right after he's told them that Grigg died. The family and Ali have no idea what they are really doing...they think they just work building motorcycles. 

Within a couple of months, Ali realizes that something is very wrong. She's being followed and was even attacked so she high-tails it to Chicago to get Nate's help. It soon becomes very apparent that there's a whole lot of something else going on here and that it probably ties back to Grigg somehow. There has always been chemistry between Ali and Nate, but there are 2 problems there....Grigg told Nate to NEVER touch his sister, and Nate is hiding a horrible gut-wrenching secret about Grigg's death. OMG, I dare you not bawl like a little baby when it's revealed what really happened. OMG....poor Grigg and poor Nate. Gut. Wrenching.

Nate is one of those guys...he never says much and he sure doesn't share his feelings. I really loved him especially when it came out exactly "why" he doesn't ever talk around Ali. He just turned my heart to mush. Then there's Ali...LOL...that poor girl needs to get a tougher stomach, but after she's through getting can throw anything at her and she hardly flinches. She's tough. Grigg taught her well. 

Then there are all the other members of the Knights. I can already promise you, this series is on my auto-review/then auto-buy list. I have an ARC of this on my kindle, but I WILL be going out to buy a print copy for my permanent bookshelf. Yes, it was truly that good!!

Honestly, I couldn't tell you the last time that I was this excited about a start of a series. I love these Knight boys....and Becky. Damn, this is a great start!!! Off to go check out the deets on book number 2, In Rides Trouble, out next month.

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

In Rides Trouble- releasing Sept. 4

Rev It Up- releasing Oct. 2


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Tailor made for me :) :) :) :) :)

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I've been on the fence about buying this book. Your review pushed me over. Now just to figure out when the next trip to a book store is.