Friday, August 24, 2012

Diva and the Frat Boy by Daisy Harris

Title: Diva and the Frat Boy
Author: Daisy Harris
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Men of Holsum College #2
Main Characters: Nathaniel and Greg
Release Date: June 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Siren
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Nathaniel Reece is savvy and fierce and wouldn't give boring-ass Greg Sanders the time of day, except Greg is the president of a fraternity Nathaniel wants to join. But once Nathaniel gets a taste of the ferocity under Greg's cool exterior, he can't stop himself from trying to lure the uptight frat brother out of his shell. The face of gay life on campus and a crusader heading off to law school, Greg doesn't see any problem with seducing the flamboyant and exciting Nathaniel. But that's before he finds out his fraternity brothers are refusing Nathaniel's pledge bid. Greg's athletic and masculine and has never had to deal with the censure of his friends or the odd looks of strangers, but if he's going to be what Nathaniel needs, he'll have to be comfortable not just being out, but also standing out.

My Review:
We met Nathaniel in book #1, College Boys, and I really loved the glimpses that we saw of the real him in that book. Nat is flamboyant and knows it....a lot of the time, he embraces that. On the opposite side of him is Greg. He's sedate and serious, plans to be a lawyer, and doesn't really understand guys like Nat, although he absolutely is gay too. He's just never understood why someone would choose to behave that way, not really realizing that it's not always a choice.

These two are irresistibly drawn to each other although neither one really understands the other or why that person chooses to hang out with them. They both underestimate their appeal to each other and that was really sweet, while at the same time, was probably the largest problem with this book. Even though the book ends well, I was never sure they truly understood each other, even though they most definitely loved each other. 

I enjoyed this story, especially the glimpses of Peter and Chris from the first book. I did like that the epilogue was 3 years into the future...I love me a GOOD HEA! The fact that it was so far into the future let me believe that they truly are good together and continue to grow together. I needed that kind of reassurance for this couple.

I definitely continue to enjoy this series!

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