Friday, June 15, 2012

The Patriot Girl by Toni Lynn Cloutier

Title: The Patriot Girl
Author: Toni Lynn Cloutier
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: No Bulls #1
Main Characters: MaKayla and Dustin
Release Date: June 2012
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
The No Bulls Series
MaKayla Adams has always been curious about the wild side of life. Making love with her late husband wasn't exciting, and she never could understand the big deal...until hunky nightclub owner Dustin James hires her as a public relations consultant. His touch arouses feelings she's never known, and his kiss tempts her to cross the line between business and pleasure.
Dustin doesn't remember the car accident that put him in a coma three years ago, but since his recovery, he's pushed his own needs aside to be a single father to his young daughter. When MaKayla offers to help publicize his country nightclub, however, she ignites deeper feelings he can't ignore.
But there is more than mutual attraction between MaKayla and Dustin—there is a shared past connected to her husband's death. Will the truth bring them together or tear them apart?
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 248
Word Count: 66868
978-1-61217-266-8 Paperback
978-1-61217-265-1 Digital

My Review:
What a fantastic book. I loved the way Toni Lynn Cloutier put the novel together. All the details of what happened that horrible day three years ago is revealed very slowly throughout the book. You get little hints of what exactly happened, but don't know all of it for sure until almost the very end.

The hard thing about this story is the incredible chemistry between Dustin and MaKayla. It's undeniable, incredibly powerful, and immediate between the two of them. But what neither of them realize early on is that they share the same tragic past that has ruined both their lives.  It's devastating to MaKayla when she discovers it because she feels like she is dishonoring her husband's memory to become with the man who ultimately was responsible for his death.

This is an emotional read, but I found it incredibly entertaining and easy to read rather than heartbreaking. It could have gone so easily into the heartbreaking aspect, but there are moments (usually provided by MaKayla's friend Jodi) that keep the book from becoming too heavy. There are a mix of fabulous characters in this book:
*Dana- Dustin's twin sister who's also an FBI agent (I hope she has a book soon)
*Jodi-- MaKayla's sex obsessed friend
*Tammy-- MaKayla's son's girlfriend...their pity-shopping trip is fabulous and I loved that they had these little bonding moments
*Alex- MaKayla's growing up son who always says the perfect things. He knows what she needs and is trying to make sure she gets it. I loved his actions throughout the book.

Neither MaKayla nor Dustin has felt the urge to connect with another love interest since the deaths of their spouses. That alone makes the irony of their situation all that more painful. They truly come to love each other before they truly become romantic with each other and that's a gorgeous thing. It really was a fabulous book!


Toni Lynn said...

Imagine my surprise when Google Alert sent me this link!

MY FIRST REVIEW..oh how my heart pounded as I began to read.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful review. It's great to hear you enjoyed the characters as well as the story.

I am working on Jesse's story next.

Again, thanks so much.

Nancy Jardine said...

Sounds great, Toni. Best wishes for great sales!

Toni Lynn said...

Thank you, Nancy!