Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All's Fair in Love and Politics by Nicole Helm

Title:  All's Fair in Love and Politics
Author:  Nicole Helm
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Doug and Abby
Release Date: May 2012

ISBN: e-book

Publisher: Wild Rose Press 
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
When sexy reporter Doug Kapshaw shows up on Abigail Fortman's doorstep to cover her state senate campaign, Abigail knows to keep her guard up. Doug's not after her story. He’s after an expose on Abigail’s U.S Senator father. Though Abigail’s relationship with her father is tense at best, she’s not going to be the pawn that brings Grant Fortman down.

Despite his assignment to use Abby, Doug can’t help but be attracted to her mix of strength and vulnerability. When Grant gets Doug fired, Abby is ready to take a stand against her father. Working together to bring Grant down, Doug and Abby can no longer fight the attraction between them. Attraction turns into much more, but while the secrets they uncover promise to revive Doug’s career, the ugly truth about her father poses the biggest challenge to Doug and Abby living happily ever after.
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 208
Word Count: 57171

My Review: 
This was a really enjoyable book considering I really hate politics and how the media slants their coverage about politics. So it's with more than a little irony that I enjoyed this fictionalized version of that very thing. But I did enjoy it...a lot.

What made this book for me were these two characters. I loved both Doug and Abby. I liked that deep down, even though he's a reporter, Doug is simply a nice guy. He came from a strong family background and with four sisters, is immediately drawn to the vulnerability he sees in Abby. I have to think that it's because he's been raised with all these females that he can truly see Abby's feelings and when she's upset. I loved it when they would go home to visit his family farm and am hoping to see more books from this author featuring some of his many sisters. I'm especially intrigued by Gretchen's story.

Then there's Abby. Overall I liked her, but she's not an easy character to like. She's been pushed around by her father and grandmother her entire life and I wanted to see her fight back harder. Her character produced the one flaw in this book. She's been pushed down and beat down by her father her entire life and has a meeker character as a result of that. I just found it hard to believe that she could be successful in the political arena. She's very OCD and controlled, but didn't dress the part of a politician. She's described as nondescript or frumpy in her dress several times in the book. I just can't see this as a person who could become successful as a politician. It works for the romantic story line with Doug, but not who she was supposed to be as a character.

But regardless of my issues with Abby's character, I was still able to completely enjoy this book. It's a charming story and I liked watching Doug break down Abby's walls. The ending and how he approached her was just SO PERFECT for her and her personality. Such a sweet way to end the book.

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