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A Scent of Greek by Tina Folsom

Title:  A Scent of Greek
Author: Tina Folsom
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Out of Olympus #2
Main Characters: Dio and Ari
Release Date: August 2011
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Tina Folsom
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
When the god of wine and ecstasy, Dionysus, callously dumps his latest conquest, the mortal Ariadne, the goddess Hera has had enough. She robs Dionysus of his memory to teach him a lesson in humility.

Ariadne is deeply hurt after Dionysus dismisses their night of passion as “just sex” and doesn’t want to see her anymore. When she finds him bloodied and beaten and suffering from amnesia, she quickly forms a plan to get back at him. As she pretends to be his fiancée, Ariadne makes Dionysus believe he loves her. But the longer the charade continues, the more difficult it becomes to really see who teaches whom a lesson.
And what if Dionysus gains his memory back? Will there be hell to pay for her deception, or can a mortal woman truly win a god’s love?

My Review:

Outright, this was just a fun and entertaining book to read. I received the first book in this series, A Touch of Greek, for review, but immediately upon finishing it, went out and bought this book to read simply because I loved the first book so much. 

While I didn't think this one was quite as good as the first, it absolutely did not disappoint (honestly, I just really loved the story line premise in book would be hard for any book to compete with that book for me.) This book is the love story between Dio and Ari. Dio is the son of Zeus and he is the god of wine and ecstasy. Being the son of Zeus, who is a horrible philanderer, Dio has always assumed he is just like dear old dad...incapable of love and monogamy. He never wants to hurt another woman the way that his mother was hurt by his father. As a result, his personal rule is to only ever sleep with a woman once, and then their relationship is over.

Ari has been hurt and deceived deeply before. As a result, she doesn't trust easily. She and Dio dated for two weeks before she decided to have sex with him although their chemistry is through the roof...and then he immediately abandoned her. Yep....he's pretty much a jerk.

Hera saw all this and decided to teach her step-son a lesson in humility and suddenly EVERYONE is caught up in this horrific web of lies, which is going to hurt them all.

It's an interesting storyline (be sure to read the story description). Ari knows that it would be way too easy to fall for Dio esp. if they are sleeping together so she decides to tell him that they've decided to wait for sex until they get married...because of his drinking problem. Suddenly the God of wine and ecstasy is abstinent and going to AA meetings. LOL...there is definitely some humor in this book.

I liked both Ari and Dio's characters. Yes, Dio acts like a jerk in the beginning, but even then you know that his actions come from a place of fear of being like his father. He knows in his heart that if he develops a relationship with Ari that he will break her heart and he is trying to prevent that from happening. Both of these characters have some major insecurities when it comes to trusting their own feelings and those of others and that's before all the lies and deceptions are perpetrated in this book.

I continue to really love the Greek theme in these books. The glimpses of Zeus that we saw in this one were wonderfully enlightening. I am definitely looking forward to the other two books in this series.

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