Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enraptured by Elisabeth Naughton

Title:  Enraptured
Author: Elisabeth Naughton
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Eternal Guardians #4
Main Characters: Orpheus and Skyla
Release Date: April 2012
ISBN: 9781402262128
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:

OrpheusTo most he's an enigma, a devil-may-care rogue who does whatever he pleases whenever he wants. Now this loose cannon is part of the Eternal Guardians—elite warriors assigned to protect the human realm—whether he likes it or not.
Orpheus has just one goal: to rescue his brother from the Underworld. He's not expecting a woman to get in the way. Especially not a Siren as gorgeous as Skyla. He has no idea she's an assassin sent by Zeus to seduce, entrap, and ultimately destroy him.
Yet Skyla herself might have the most to lose. There's a reason Orpheus feels so familiar to her, a reason her body seems to crave him. Perhaps he's not the man everyone thinks... The truth could reveal a deadly secret as old as the Eternal Guardians themselves.

My Review:
Honestly, at the 30-35% level on this book, I was thinking that this was going to be a C+ or maybe a B- rated book. At that point it was dragging a bit and getting caught up in all the Greek mythology and politics which make up the basis of this series. But at around the 50-55% mark, things started to pick up and they picked up to make this an AMAZING book.

This book is about Orpheus and Skyla. Orpheus is a Guardian who is also part Daemon, something that should never occur. He's worked hard over the years to keep his Daemon side hidden. As the eldest son, Orpheus should have automatically been a Guardian, but instead, it only happened after he accidentally sent his younger brother, Gryphon to the Underworld. Orpheus knows that he shouldn't be the Guardian and is consumed with guilt over the fact that he is one and that Gryphon is suffering the tortures of Tartarus. It's his mission to save him...whatever it takes.

Skyla is a 2500 year old Siren. Zeus and Athena have sent her after Orpheus to retrieve an orb that he hopes to use to save Gryphon even if it means killing him. What she doesn't realize though is that she's been lied to and betrayed in the most elemental of ways for the last 2000 years and she has a history with Orpheus that he doesn't remember. Skyla has spent 2000 years cutting herself off from any emotion and being around Orpheus is awakening feelings that she honestly thought were dead.

There's a TON of emotion in this story. Skyla is trying to figure out who she can trust. Orpheus is dealing with flashes of memories that he can't interpret and his suddenly unpredictable inner Daemon. In the middle of it all they are trying to save Gryphon, who simply broke my heart. After three months in Tartarus being tortured and killed over and over every single day, this huge warrior is a broken man. *gah* My heart just hurt for him. 

Elisabeth outdid herself in the writing of this book. There is so much going on and it all comes across so incredibly well. I love emotion and angst in my romances and this one was amazing!!! Orpheus feels like a fraud and has huge amounts of guilt over what's happened to Gryphon, Skyla is trying to  figure out who to trust (which includes herself and her gut emotions), and then Gryphon is simply shattered. I cannot wait for the next book in this series...I am crossing my fingers that it's Gryphon's, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait a while for his. We'll see...


Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

I have this series & it just floats around on my TBR pile. I really want to read it too, but it keeps getting bumped for review requests. Great review!

Vickieann said...

I just got this book in the mail so I can have her sign it for me at RT in Chicago :)