Friday, March 9, 2012

Heart Signs by Cari Quinn

Title:  Heart Signs
Author: Cari Quinn
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Main Characters: Rory & Sam
Release Date: February 2012
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The heart has a language all its own . . . 

Rory Fowler has taken Sam Miller's billboard orders for the last two years, but they aren't to advertise, they're love notes to his wife. Sam's most recent billboard about his wife's passing hits Rory hard. When she calls Sam to offer condolences, it sets off an unexpected chain of events that ends with Rory in Sam's apartment-and his arms.

Reading Sam's love letters tugs Rory into the romance between him and his estranged, now-deceased, wife. Their lives soon intertwine so completely that Rory wonders how she'll ever forget the man who makes poetry out of emotions she's fought to dismiss. And plays her body even more skillfully than he writes love notes.

Consumed by guilt and grief, Sam is shocked by the feelings Rory arouses in him, sexually and otherwise. Now he's not thinking about yesterday as much as he's looking forward to tomorrow. He's just not sure if he's capable of moving on . . . or if the woman who helped him find the will to really live again will be by his side.

My Review:
Okay, you read the story overview, right? If not, stop right now and go back and read that bit up above. I'll wait for you here. 

Okay, you get that this is not a fluffy story with bunnies and rainbows, but it does have it's fun and light moments...even a fuzzball of a kitten, so it's not all depressing. In fact, surprisingly enough, it's not really depressing at all. It's more enlightening and thought-provoking. Am I talking in abstract enough? Yes, okay on to the review.

Rory is that girl. You know, the one that hangs out with the guys and fits right into their world. In fact, Sam & Rory have been corresponding via email for over 2 years and their correspondence has developed into friendly chit-chat about sports, cars, etc. It never even occurs to Sam that Rory is a girl. So he is shocked when she calls to offer condolences about the loss of his wife and she has this sexy voice that immediately turns him on. He wasn't even sure that part of him worked anymore after the grief and loss that have been his life for the past two years. But there is Rory and she is so unlike anyone else and I loved her character for it. She says exactly what she thinks. She doesn't have any kind of filter between her brain and her mouth and it gets her in trouble all the time. But that aspect of her is something that Sam needs in his life. He talks about the fact he's been living in this shell that is his life....she immediately starts chipping away at that shell with her personality and attitude. I don't know how to even explain how the dynamics in this book work, but they work so well. These characters are amazing and the way that Cari has written this romance is just gorgeous and so unexpected.

Sam is a huge, bulky, buff guy...6'4" and he works out all the time. But he's drowning in his own sorrow, grief, and guilt. Things are not as they seemed on the surface with his wife and he regrets so much about that. He knows that he's in a bad place, but he doesn't know how to get himself out of it. All he knows is that Rory helps. She's good for him and he's incredibly attracted to her. Regardless of that, he's so honest with her and himself about where he's at mentally. He refuses to do something that's going to hurt her. He is not going to have that kind of relationship again, so they form a friendship...with a LOT of sexual tension...hehe (that part of this story is INCREDIBLY HOT!)

I love everything about this book. I loved these two characters and thought Cari wrote them incredibly well. There are extremely complex dynamics going on here and I couldn't see how she was going to straighten them all out into a romance/relationship that works, but she did and she wrote it brilliantly. The more I read the more of Cari's work, the more I marvel at her amazing story telling abilities. This is another fabulous book!!

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