Monday, March 19, 2012

Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox

Title:  Bitter Harvest
Author: Kim Knox
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance 
Main Characters: Sutton & Rider
Release Date: March 2012
Publisher: Cariina

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Sexual Intensity: erotic

I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:

It's 2050, and humans are an endangered species. Lieutenant Robert Sutton has survived the collapse of civilization by luck, his wits, and a chance mutation that makes him immune to the nano-virus that has wiped out millions. Now, his compound of survivors is surrounded by the infected, who are driven by the need to spread the contagion through sex. It is only a matter of time before they attack. So when Sutton is assigned to interrogate a prisoner who claims to have overcome the infection, he immediately suspects a trap...
Nicholas Rider may have survived the virus, but he's a changed man, ruled by his desires. But his need for Sutton is different. Rider craves an end to his overwhelming needs, and Sutton could be the man to do it.

My Review:

This was an intriguing book. It takes place in 2050 and the world has been taken over by an AI unit which has sent out an incredibly invasive nanovirus which is spread through sexual contact. Once infected the AI unit takes over and the infected person becomes part of the hive mind. Those infected are incredibly enticing to those who aren't. Lt. Sutton is stationed on one of the final outposts in England which hasn't succumbed to the virus. He actually has an unknown immunity to the sexual draw of those infected which makes him an incredible tool for interrogation of the infected.

When Rider shows up at the outpost, he shows all the physical signs of being infected and in fact, he has been infected at one time, but for the last ten years, he hasn't infected anyone or tested positive for the infection and is in no way part of the hive mind any longer. Regardless, Sutton doesn't trust him especially since he's incredibly drawn to Rider. After being immune to the draw of the infected, something is off in the fact that Sutton feels this draw to Rider.

The sexual chemistry in this book is through the roof and was extremely erotic to read about. Rider is cocky and snarky and a completely sensual being. He may not be infected any longer, but he oozes sexual appeal. For him, sex is as basic as breathing and he partakes in it almost as much as breathing. But there's something different about his draw to Sutton. Even he realizes that and changes his habits after he meets Sutton. As a reader, it was sometimes difficult to like Rider, but I thought Kim Knox wrote little details into his character which helped that so much.

On the other hand, is Sutton. He's used to being in complete control and doesn't like that Rider has threatened that control. He's determined to resist that allure. He doesn't like Rider one little bit because he treats sex so lightly and like it's all a game. People are dying and Sutton knows this final outpost is on the brink of becoming part of the hive. He's already planned to sacrifice himself as the last line of defense for the outpost.

The story line in this book is entirely sexually based and because of that it is really intense. There is lots of sexual chemistry and the overall book is really incredibly hot. I loved the dynamic between Sutton and Rider and the way they developed through this pretty short story. The sci fi aspect was completely entertaining and creative and it all came together to create a book which I really enjoyed reading.

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