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A Bite's Tale by Veronica Blade

Title:  A Bite's Tale: A Furry Fable
Author: Veronica Blade
My Rating: A

Genre: YA- Paranormal Romance 
Main Characters: Cydney & Remy
Release Date: February 2012
Publisher: Crush Publishing

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Sexual Intensity: Mild

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
A Cinderella who spends her nights as a wolf. A prince with a taste for blood. 

Seventeen year old Cydney struggles against her werewolf nature, trying to keep everyone around her safe. No way will she risk exposing the beast at the prince’s ball, no matter how her two cousins try to persuade her. As she attempts to carve out some semblance of a life, Cydney can’t forget the boy she loved three summers ago — or what she did to him after losing control. 

Turned into a vampire to save his life, the prince refuses to live up to his royal duties. He just wants to find the girl he loved and lost...the werewolf girl who bit him. But his father, the king, commands him to attend a ball where he must choose a wife. Can he find his Cinderella before he's forced to marry another? He doesn’t even have her real name, much less a glass slipper. 

My Review:

I am so excited about this book. It was so much better and even more fun than I thought that it was going to be. I promise you, if the story overview above appeals to you, then you are going to enjoy this book.

There was a lot more depth to this book than I expected. The family dynamics for both the main characters plays heavily into the story line and I really like how the original story was twisted to modernize it and make it more appealing to a modern reader. It works and it works really well. 

Cydney, i.e. Cinderella, has been spending summers at her aunts house for years. When she was 12, she met Remy, i.e. Jack, in the woods. They never knew each other's real names and continued to meet in secret for three consecutive summers. The final summer when they met, Cydney was coming into her werewolf adolescence. When Jack gave her a kiss, she lost control and accidentally bit him, which is a crime. Cydney's mom fled with her and they never returned to the island. In the book, it's three years later and Cydney's mom has died, so she's had to move in with her aunt. She has no idea what happened to Jack after the bite, or if he even survived it. As a result, Cydney lives in constant fear of accidentally attacking someone else.

The love story in this book is fabulous. I love the paranormal twists and the way that this island is a paranormal enclave. I really loved the Cinderella/Jack love story when they were using those aliases to meet in the woods and were younger. But when the story moves to Cydney/Remy as older teenagers, it is even more gorgeous because neither one has forgotten or moved on from their connection.

The other thing that I really loved about this story was the way that the author wrote the family dynamic. Cydney's aunt and cousins are so awesome. I love the way they accept Cydney and her younger brother right into their world, even though Cydney's werewolf side does intimidate them to a certain extent. There are some of the sweetest moments provided by Cydney's 13 yo brother. He's sarcastic and snarky and has some great lines in this book. I liked the difference in this story vs. the original. Cydney is not an outcast because her family doesn't love her. They do...a lot. She's an outcast of her own making because she is so traumatized by what she did to Jack all those years ago. She doesn't trust herself to control her werewolf.

Remy's family dynamic/issues are equally good and creative, but I am not going to tell you what they are because they come out more towards the middle of the book and I don't want to give any spoilers. Just know that everything about this book is REALLY well done and well written. 

This is really truly a fabulous adaptation of the original fairy tale. It's extremely creative. It takes the original fairy tale story concept and reinterprets it into a new tale that is interesting, sweet, and completely entertaining, from page one...all the way to the very end of the book. It's not a super-long book, but it's just perfect to read in a single sitting, which is good because once you start, you don't want to put it down. Just a fabulous book!


About the Author:

Veronica Blade lives in Southern California with her husband and whichever of their kids — or someone else’s kid — decides to drop in. By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales. She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters. Except her heroes and heroines lead far more interesting lives — and they are always way hotter.

You can visit Veronica Blade on FaceBook, check out her website at or follow her on Twitter @VeronicaBlade. She loves hearing from readers!

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