Thursday, March 1, 2012

Assassins in Love by Kris DeLake

Title: Assassins In Love
Author: Kris DeLake
My Rating: B

Genre: SciFi Romance
Series: Assassins Guild #1
Main Characters: Misha & Rikki
Release Date: March 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
When one killer falls for another
Agent: Misha
Profile: Highly trained in every method the assassins guild has to offer. Always goes by the book.
Agent: Rikki
Profile: Rogue assassin who kills only to rid the world of hardened criminals. Hates organizations. Always does it her way.
Love becomes a matter of life and death
Misha's mission is to get Rikki to join the guild or give up her guns. He completely underestimated the effect she would have on him...and what heat and chaos they could bring to each other...

My Review:

Sci fi fun! This is a book that takes place at an indeterminate future date when space travel is the norm. The main difference between this world and ours is the space travel and technology (to a certain extent...a lot of even the technology is the same.) There are not any aliens in this book. But what is slightly different in this world is the acceptance of assassinations. There is an Assassins Guild which works under very strict guidelines and rules, but there are also freelance assassins who have more freedoms, but are more likely to get caught up in a bad situation.

Misha is part of the Assassins Guild, whereas Rikki is a freelancer. They are tied together by something in Rikki's history that she doesn't remember. Misha does remember the event and is doing everything in his power to get her under the protective umbrella of the Guild. What neither one of them expects is the combustible chemistry between them. Even with that chemistry, these two are assassins. It is not in their best interest of their health to trust anyone, including each other.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I liked that the world was sci fi and futuristic, but wasn't all weird with aliens and weird environments. Besides the obvious technology differences, this could have been a current day romantic suspense and I liked that about it. That also meant there wasn't a huge complex new world to discover and learn also...another plus! 

I liked Rikki and Misha and the way they interacted with each other. They had a great rapport when they were actually trusting each other. The suspense story line was a bit "meh"...I think that could have been interwoven to make it a bit more complex, but overall, this was a fun read and I will definitely pick up other Assassin's Guild books. The only question I have is...will they all feature Misha and Rikki or will the other books feature other couples? Honestly, I hope that we continue following Misha and Rikki. I think that a series built on them as a couple and working out their different assignments as different types of assassins could be really fun reading. Nevertheless, I plan to continue to follow this series.

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