Thursday, February 2, 2012

One More Summer by Liz Flaherty

Title:  One More Summer
Author: Liz Flaherty
My Rating: A+
Narrator: Rebecca Gibel

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Grace & Dillon
Release Date: January 2012


Publisher: Carina Press & 

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Amazon (audible edition)
Barnes & Noble (e-book)
Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Grace has taken care of her widowed father her entire adult life and the ornery old goat has finally died. She has no job, no skills and very little money, and has heard her father's prediction that no decent man would ever want her so often she accepts it as fact.
But she does have a big old house on Lawyers Row in Peacock, Tennessee. She opens a rooming house and quickly gathers a motley crew of tenants: Promise, Grace's best friend since kindergarten, who's fighting cancer; Maxie, an aging soap opera actress who hasn't lost her flair for the dramatic; Jonah, a sweet, gullible old man with a crush on Maxie.
And Dillon, Grace's brother's best friend, who stood her up on the night of her senior prom and has regretted it ever since. Dillon rents Grace's guest house for the summer and hopes to make up for lost time and past hurts—but first, he'll have to convince Grace that she's worth loving...

My Review:
When I started this audiobook, I was expecting a light contemporary romance, but what it so much more than that! At the center of this book is Grace. She is the youngest of three siblings and has always been inexplicably hated by her father. He was mean, spiteful, and abusive. The odd thing about this was his horrible actions only applied to Grace, not her older brother Steven, or her older sister, Faith. Nevertheless, Grace was the one that stood by him and took care of him until he finally died. Now Grace is trying to start a new life by turning the family home into a bed & breakfast. And despite it all, Grace is a wonderful giving and thoughtful person who takes care of everyone else in her life.

There is a whole cast of characters to this book who serve as Grace's support system. She is an incredible person, despite her difficulties growing up and her friends realize what a special gift she is.

*Dillon- Steven's best friend and best-selling writer. He moves into the guest cottage on the property as a favor to Steven who knows that Grace needs the money. He stood her up for the prom, but his reason (that she isn't aware of) is so heartbreaking. He also has a secret in his past that shattered him emotionally.

*Promise- Grace's best friend. She moves into the house when she finds out that she has cancer so that Grace can help her through the chemo. Promise has been dating Grace's older brother Steven for 20 years.

*Steven- Grace's older brother and Promise's boyfriend since high school. Also a doctor who lives several hours away.

*Faith- Grace's perfect older sister. Kind-hearted to the point where no one can dislike her.

*Grant- Faith's husband who is a banker.

*Maxie- a friend of Grace's mother and father who simply never left after the funeral. She has moments where her age is showing and she becomes confused. 

*Jonah- he loves Maxie and is helping Grace handle some of the handyman type issues on the property.

There is a love story to this book between Dillon & Grace. There are also gorgeous love stories between Promise & Steven and between Maxie & Jonah, but at the heart, this story is not about romantic love. This book is about love of friendship. At the heart is Grace, Dillon, Promise, and Steven and their road through this book IS NOT an easy one. It was incredibly moving and emotional. Even thinking about it now, 24 hours after I finished it, the power of the emotions are so strong that I still well-up with tears. 

The wonderful thing about audiobooks is that you have the time to soak in all of the nuances of the story. The narrator on this one, Rebecca Gibel, was just wonderful. She handled the emotions through her voices so incredibly well. There is a huge cast of characters to this book and she managed to give them ALL their own distinct sound through all the ups and downs of the book. It was really well-done and I think completely added to my enjoyment of this book. While I think that I would have enjoyed reading it, I KNOW that the audio version enhanced my emotional reaction to the book to the point where I absolutely fell in love with it.  It's definitely one that I recommend!


Aurian said...

Audiobooks are really not my thing, but I am glad you liked it. It does sound like a sweet read.

Felicia Sparks said...

Oh I will put this one on my audiobook list :) It sounds right up my audio listening type of book!

Anonymous said...

I was the editor for this book at Audible, and I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about this book's production, and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! You can't turn down an A+ rating, can you?

All the best,


Liz Flaherty said...

And I'm the one who wrote the book--I'm thrilled you liked it and I'm also thrilled with the job Andrew and Audible did with the production of it.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Liz Flaherty