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Kiss Me I'm Irish Anthology

Title:  Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Author: Anthology
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: anthology
Release Date: February 2012
Publisher: Harlequin  
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire
B+ spicy

Story Overview:
For one incredible night, Kendra Locke gave Deuce Monroe everything she had. Then he walked away without a backward glance to chase his big-league dreams. Now after one too many daredevil stunts, he's back in his hometown ready to pick up where they left off—but Kendra has no intention of giving in so easily….

My Review:
This was a novella that I really enjoyed, except for a single scene. There was one scene in this book that was so reminiscent of the cheesy final scene in Grease (yes, the movie) that I physically cringed. *ugh* It was so bad. But before and after that scene, I really loved this book and the story. In fact, without that one scene, I would have rated this novella an A.

Deuce and Kendra have a complicated history, but that was never enough to keep him by her side for a single night. Now his professional baseball career is over and after a ten year absence, he is home to take over the family bar. The family bar that Kendra has spent the last two years turning into an internet cafe and coffee bar.

I liked the conflict of their relationship. Kendra has been there for his family when Deuce hasn't. He's been pursuing his dream at the cost of the relationships of his family and Kendra. This novella is a growing-up process for Deuce and I really liked it.

Tangling with Ty by Jill Shalvis
A- spicy

Story Overview:
Dr. Nicole Mann, a child prodigy who graduated high school at the age of thirteen, has no room in her mind or her schedule for romance. But when the architect renovating her apartment turns out to have a charming Irish accent, all bets are off—and Ty Patrick O'Grady plans to use every trick in his book to stay in her life for good.

My Review:
Honestly, the reason that my rating is what it is...I loved Ty's character. Can you say sexy? Can you say vulnerable? Can you say wounded? OMG, he was HOT and I loved him. Can I have him? No, okay I guess I will settle for simply lusting over him through this story. And honestly, Nicole was a pretty decent match for him. She has her own issues and sees all the attractive aspects of his issues. It was really sexy.

The best part of this story? When Ty fell through Nicole's ceiling and she had to put her doctoring skills to work. Did I mention that this story (and Ty) is really sexy? Um, yeah...I liked this one. Sexual tension is good especially when it is coming from a wounded, vulnerable alpha male. YUM!

Whatever Reilly Wants by Maureen Child
A spicy

Story Overview:
Connor Reilly only has a few weeks to go in his "no sex for ninety days" bet with his brothers—and he figures no woman is safer to be around than his best friend, Emma Jacobsen. Until Emma shows up at a bar in a short skirt and high heels, and suddenly seems anything but safe!

My Review:
The premise for this book was awesome. The Reilly boys have come into some money...$10,000 to be exact. Rather than splitting it, they have made a bet. Oldest of the 4 brothers is a priest and he wants the money for a new roof on his rectory/church. As a result, they all have a bet. He doesn't think that the triplets can do what he has committed to do for a lifetime... All they have to do is abstain for 90 days.

One of the triplets is already out of it and Connor is feeling the pressure after a month. As a result, he makes the stupid mistake of telling his best friend Emma that she's the only safe girl to hang out with because she's basically a guy. Uh yeah...ticked off female on a mission. The thing is...neither of these friends has ever seen the other as the opposite sex until the beginning of all this nonsense and then suddenly the chemistry is through the roof. They are both reeling and floundering, not knowing what to do now to keep their friendship...or if friendship is even the goal anymore.

LOVED this story. Such a perfect example of the friends to lovers meme. I really, really enjoyed it!

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