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Danger Zone by Dee J. Adams

Title:  Danger Zone
Author: Dee J. Adams
My Rating: B-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Adrenaline Highs #2
Main Characters: Quinn & Ellie
Release Date: February 2012
Publisher: Carina Press  

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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:

In her ten-year career as a stuntwoman, Ellie Morgan has experienced her share of thrills. None compares to the rush of being behind the wheel of a race car for her latest movie shoot. Certain she was born to race, Ellie's ready to shift gears—but a secret from her past holds her back.
Quinn Reynolds is tired of being in the driver's seat of his family's company, Formula Racing Design. He's ready to sell—if he can get his co-owner and brother, Mac, to agree. Quinn's not sure what he wants to do with his future, but almost as soon as he meets Ellie, he knows he wants her to be part of it.
Though Ellie tries to resist her attraction to the charming businessman, she's quickly in danger of losing her heart. But after narrowly escaping "accidents" both on and off the set, it becomes clear that getting involved with Quinn could be downright deadly...
114,000 words

My Review
This is a hard review to write. I really loved book #1 in this series, Dangerous Race, and this book didn't quite measure up to the quality of that book. It was entertaining and was a riveting read, but there were a few things that interfered with my overall rating on the book.

What I liked:
*this book is HOT. Dee's descriptions of Quinn during those intimate scenes...whoa! just...whoa!!
*The action sequences in this book are WONDERFUL. So well-written. They definitely get your adrenaline going...and you're just the reader!
*okay, I loved, loved, LOVED Mac from book 1, Dangerous Race. In  this book, he is a jerk. He and Quinn are at complete odds through this book, but I liked that conflict. It made Quinn a more real person.
*the secrets that both of these characters are hiding worked for me. I thought that they really enhanced the story line.
*I loved Quinn's overwhelming reactions when Ellie is in danger (see the first point above...hehe.) This is a guy that when he gets emotional, he goes all alpha and it is sexy as hell.
*I was hooked on the book. It kept me completely engaged and I did not want to put it down once the story started ramping up.
*LOVED Quinn's character...just everything about him. My heart aches for him and his issues growing up and with Mac.

What I disliked:
*it took a while for the story to get going, for me personally. I would have liked it more if the action or even hints of the action were made earlier in the book.
*there were points within the story where the dialogue seemed a bit cliche'd...and I realize some of that was done on purpose. Ellie is always giving Quinn a hard time about his playboy ways. There were just moments where I was rolling my eyes at the dialogue or inner-dialogues of the characters.
*At times the conflict just seemed too easy and contrived, but that is most definitely a personal, subjective thing (as are ALL parts of these reviews...hehe)
*I wasn't a huge fan of Ellie's character. Honestly, I have no idea why except for how long she put off Quinn. I just wanted to kick her when she continued to see him as a playboy. I know that it's easy to sit as a reader and "see" it all, but she took too long to come around for my way of thinking.

I still consider myself to be a fan of Dee's writing. I cannot wait to see where she goes from here.

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