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Sweet Revenge by Christy Reece

Title: Sweet Revenge
Author: Christy Reece
My Rating: A-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Last Chance Rescue #8
Main Characters: Jamie & Dylan
Release Date: October 2011
Publisher: Ballantine
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Jamie Kendrick went on a trip to hell at the hands of Stanford Reddington, a monster protected by money and power. Now, asking for Last Chance Rescue’s help, Jamie makes plans for her revenge. And Dylan Savage, one of LCR’s most skilled operatives, is given an assignment he despises but can’t refuse—to train the lovely Jamie but thwart her revenge plot at all costs. With tender ruthlessness, he pries open her most intimate secrets, and the attraction they’ve both tried to deny explodes into a scorching love affair—an affair that Dylan has to end. Months after Jamie stormed away from Dylan and LCR, the two meet again—at the home of Stanford Reddington. In the grips of hurt, anger, desire, and undercover danger, Jamie and Dylan will risk more than broken hearts: they’re risking everything to stop an evil fiend from destroying more lives, including their own.

My Review:
I think that Jamie qualifies as one of my most favorite heroines ever and she is perfectly matched up with Dylan, another one of Christy Reece's amazing heroes from Last Chance Rescue. Jamie is a rescuee that was abducted and abused for two months. BUT she is an extremely strong character. She grew up in a very difficult childhood and learned how to compartmentalize. As a result, she is out for revenge especially after the human trafficker that took her gets off completely from all of his charges, simply because of his political clout.

Dylan was Jamie's rescuer and when Jamie comes to LCR with her plan for revenge, Noah puts Dylan in charge of her training and her subterfuge. See, LCR fully wants to catch this bad-guy, but they don't want Jamie involved in the op. The problem is that she is determined and will enact her own plan if they don't cooperate with her. So Noah has charged Dylan with training her and keeping her occupied while LCR does their work. She is smart. She is savvy. She proves her toughness over and over again. Jamie is the perfect kick-ass chick in a school teachers, girl-next-door persona. I love that!

Jamie has been completely infatuated with Dylan ever since her rescue. He has had the same issue, but is better at hiding it than she is. Dylan had his own absolutely wretched upbringing and knows that he's not fit for any kind of relationship. As a result, he holds Jamie at arms length throughout her training by being gruff and, at times, almost hateful in his treatment of her. I had a little bit harder time connecting with his character because he is so completely cold to her so much of the time. Even when you knew he didn't mean it or want to hurt her, it was still painful to read some of the time. The thing that makes this almost acceptable is how Jamie can deal with it. This girl is tough. Even when her heart is breaking, she maintains her control and outward calm about the situation.

This was an interesting book. I have read all of Christy Reece's LCR books and am a huge fan. I have always said that she writes the best evil, low-down bad guys. This book was different because you got to see so much of the human side of the bad guy. You saw his remorse over punishing those around him. It was almost a little sickening to realize that you could feel pity for this guy and his sickness. You get to know his entire family (and honestly fall in love with all those characters) who don't know what is really involved behind the scenes of his life. It was an interesting dichotomy. I have a feeling that we will see a lot more of his daughter Giselle in a few years down the road (at least I hope so....her & Raphael...yes, we need that HEA.)

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