Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Play Fling by Amber Scott

Title:   Play Fling
Author: Amber Scott
My Rating:B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Stupid Cupid #1
Main Characters: Brooke & Elliott
Release Date: January 2010
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Sometimes, a cupid has to do what a cupid has to do.... Brooke Munkle fears she wasted her best years in a lukewarm marriage. Too young, too hot, Elliott Jovovich is heartbreak waiting to happen. But, the way he looks at her makes the world disappear. Maybe, if she keeps it simple, and treads very carefully, she won't fall head over heels.

My Review:
This book is one that I had a hard time rating because I really could not stand one character in it...Millie, the chick who is actually playing Cupid as punishment. The issue is that I don't think that you are supposed to like her yet....her punishment for living an unfulfilled life is that she has to find love for 7 people. Brooke is her first assignment out of those seven, which I am assuming means that this series is going to be 7 books long. I am also assuming that means that Millie is going to have a long character arc where she develops a more likable least that is my hope. BUT that did not keep her character from completely grating on my nerves with her choices in this book...and Millie is in a LOT of the book. See my dilemna??

But I did like the romantic story between Brooke & Elliott...honestly, I am a sucker for a romance set on a university campus, so this book already had a major plus in it's favor. I also like that there is a big age difference between the two with Brooke being the older and the fact that Elliott is the one to fall first. There is just something innately sexy about that dynamic to me. Brooke is a 30 something divorcee finding herself again after the end of her 15 year marriage. She has started her own business that is going very well and has gone back to college simply for the experience that it will add to her life and business. She doesn't want a degree...she wants the knowledge. Elliott has been watching her every week on her weekly jaunts to the bookstore and makes his move by buying her the pile of books that she was lusting over one day. I LOVE this part of this book. OMG! Is that not the most romantic thing? He didn't buy her flowers or candy...he bought her books!! I adore that!

The issue in the story is that Millie is playing Cupid for Brooke and Millie can't see Elliott as a good match for Brooke. She thinks that he will only lead to heartache because he is in his mid-20's and too young for her. Instead, Millie is trying to set Brooke back up with her ex-husband...NOT a good thing. Millie is shallow and tends not to listen or pay attention to the clues that are around her until it is MUCH TOO LATE. She is so caught up in herself and her own agenda that she is missing huge clues as to what she should be doing. Helping her in her journey is AJ and she has a HUGE crush on him. I look forward to where their aspect of the story goes as we move through the series. I really liked his character although I have a feeling that he knows more about things than he is letting on to Millie. I have a feeling that we are going to see some surprises come in the series from AJ's character.

Overall this was a good book, so the question I rate it lower because of one character that honestly is supposed to be that completely annoying? I honestly don't think that I can. When I started this review, I had this book rated as a B-, but I am changing it to a B+. I completely enjoyed Elliott and Brooke's love story and even with my annoyances with Millie, I look forward to seeing where this series goes in the future...especially for her and AJ.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful review Christi. I'm glad that in the end you decided to not let the annoyances of Millie influence your rating. I can imagine that it was hard...but still the most important part is the love story. :-) I'm interested to see what you think of the next book in the series...that gives me a better idea on if I'll want to check it out or not. :-)

Julie said...

Hmm... A character that annoys you is annoying. lol The concept is a little familiar. ;) Elliott and Brooke sound cute. Nice review Christi!