Saturday, November 26, 2011

Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh

Title:  Archangel's Blade
Author: Nalini Singh
My Rating: A+

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Guild Hunter #4
Main Characters: Dmitri & Honor
Release Date: September 2011
ISBN: 978-0425243916
Publisher: Berkley
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh is back in the shadows of a deadly, beautiful world where angels rule, vampires serve, and one female hunter must crawl out of the darkness to survive...

The severed head marked by a distinctive tattoo on its cheek should have been a Guild case, but dark instincts honed over hundreds of years of life compel the vampire Dmitri to take control. There is something twisted about this death, something that whispers of centuries long past...but Dmitri's need to discover the truth is nothing to the vicious strength of his response to the hunter assigned to decipher the tattoo.

Savaged in a brutal attack that almost killed her, Honor is nowhere near ready to come face to face with the seductive vampire who is an archangel's right hand, and who wears his cruelty as boldly as his lethal sensuality...the same vampire who has been her secret obsession since the day she was old enough to understand the inexplicable, violent emotions he aroused in her.

As desire turns into a dangerous compulsion that might destroy them both, it becomes clear the past will not stay buried. Something is hunting...and it will not stop until it brings a blood-soaked nightmare to life once more...

My Review:
I will admit to getting a little tired of Raphael and Elena's story so I was excited to learn that this book was Dmitri's, the head of Raphael's guard of Seven. And, whoa, this book did not disappoint at all... such an emotionally powerful story! It still very much remains along the same flavor as the other Hunter Guild books though and I loved that Raphael & Elena were both in the book throughout.

This book belongs to Dmitri and Honor, two people that are both so incredibly scarred. Honor is a hunter and a year ago, she was captured by vampires who continually raped, hurt, and fed from her for a solid two months. Before the attack, Dmitri has always held a special fascination for her, although she had never met this enigmatic and powerful vampire.

Dmitri has been a vampire for 1000 years when he was turned against his will and was powerless to save his wife, the love of his life, and their two small children. He was also ritually tortured and raped during that time. That is when the bond between him and Raphael was formed. They survived together and have since learned to thrive together, although there has been a part of Dmitri that never survived past those events of 1000 years ago.

Dmitri is a harsh man and I never was sure that I would be able to get behind his story before I started it, but whoa...this is a wounded alpha hero that Nalini Singh wrote to absolute perfection and Honor is absolutely the perfect mate for him. There are so many heartbreaking moments for both of them, both together and separately, throughout this book. It is really a powerful book.

I love the way that the story unfolds and even though it was no secret where it was going, it didn't make it any less powerful or moving. It's really amazing that, with as full as these books are with blood and gore, the romance and love comes through as a beautiful thing. And these are not calm, gentle people that are falling in love. There is almost always an edge of violence between them that heightens their passion. It's an interesting dichotomy, but I like it. I have no idea where this series is going next, but I can guarantee you, I will be there reading it! LOVE this series!

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