Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

Title:  Hot In Here
Author: Sophie Renwick
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Ryder Brothers #1
Main Characters: Bryce & Jenna
Release Date: June 2009
ISBN: 978-0451226914
Publisher: Penguin Heat
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees...
She wasn't his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat...
Celebrity chef and infamous ladies' man Bryce Ryder can't believe the thoughts he's having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She's always been the shy girlnext- door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he's built, Jenna gets down to business- and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.
Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen-and all of Jenna's secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?

My Review:
Bryce is a celebrity chef whose reputation is going down the tubes after a magazine mis-quotes him. Jenna is the owner of a PR firm. They have grown up together and been best friends forever, so it's a natural conclusion for Bryce to hire Jenna to re-work his image. But when they meet for dinner to discuss options, Bryce quickly finds himself distracted by this sexy, confident, collected business woman who he has never seen as anything more than his best friend. Now, he is imagining all sorts of things that definitely fall beyond the bounds of friendship. 

Jenna has been in love with Bryce forever, but ever since a horrible relationship 4 years ago, Bryce believes only in flings. He never plans to get seriously involved again and Jenna is fully aware of this, and with his playboy reputation, she is trying to keep her heart from getting shredded. She sees his interest and while she is suspicious, she knows that there is no way that she will keep his interest if she acts like she is looking for a committed relationship, so she adopts his playboy attitude.

Overall this was really a great book. I enjoyed Bryce and Jenna's relationship and their reversal of rolls as it began and developed. First and foremost, these two are friends (you know I love the friends-to-lovers trope) but the reality of the new status of their relationship has them both second-guessing each other and themselves over and over again. While the conflict of that lasted a little bit too long for my taste and believability, I really did enjoy the two of them together and yes, this is erotica and they have some serious chemistry!!

The story travels from the city in the US, to Italy, to farm country in the US so there is a wonderful variety of background scenery to the story. Bryce is also a chef so plenty of fantasy here for foodies! Lots of foreplay and sex involving wonderfully naughty foods. There are also some great family sub-plots and stories involving both Bryce's and Jenna's families. I know that when this book came out that there were supposed to be follow-up books involving Bryce's brothers. Although this book came out 2 years ago, I hope those are still in the works somewhere because I would love to read more about these families, especially Trey and Sarah's story.


Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Fabulous review...I think I say that a lot whenever I read one of them. :-P Sounds like a good start to the series...I hope that the other stories are still coming out since you did enjoy this one and wanted to know more about the other characters.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

It is always a good sign when you want to know more about the characters coming. That means Book 1 did its job!