Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Asking for Andre

Title:  Asking for Andre
Author: Minx Malone
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Mirage Agency #2
Main Characters: Andre & Casey
Release Date: July 2011
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Andre Lavin lives life in the fast lane and the pampered Italian playboy isn't used to being denied. Anything. Which makes his attraction to the shy, hauntingly beautiful Cassandra Michaels even more frustrating. She's unimpressed by his flashy lifestyle and his every attempt to get closer seems to drive her further away. Until he overhears her whispered wish for sex lessons.

In Casey's experience, rich, handsome men don't fall for girls like her, but there's nothing to stop her from enjoying a fling. All she needs is one night to find out what she's been missing and then she can go back to her boring, predictable life. One night to touch and be touched, and she can leave with her heart intact.

Or can she? Because although Andre is more than ready to teach her anything she asks, he isn't willing to let her go.

My Review:
Casey has been working at the Mirage Agency for three months and she has spent much of that time lusting after one of their very high-profile clients, Andre Levine. The issue is that Casey is shy and introverted and doesn't have very much self-confidence. She doesn't think that she has a chance with this international playboy, but she just hasn't been paying attention to the steamy looks that he's been sending her way.

I really loved Casey's character. She was such a normal person. She's very quiet and introverted, but really smart with a great intuition for the advertising business. Even as quiet as she is, her ideas have already been noticed and recognized at the advertising agency where she works. Everything about her seemed real which was a huge contrast to Andre's character, which was so much larger than real life.

Andre is an Italian fashion designer. He is a direct descendent from the deposed Italian monarchy and has been raised at the very pinnacle of society. He doesn't have to work, but chooses to because he loves what he's doing and gets satisfaction from that. He's polished. He's urbane. He's completely sophisticated. Oh, and he's Italian so he has a fabulous accent. What's not to love?

I loved how both of these characters are pretty ignorant to the other's matching lust. They are both so aware of each other, but not the very basic of that awareness. Andre is completely distracted when he is at the agency and even away from it although he is working on one of the biggest projects of his life. Casey is a blundering mess...constantly dropping and bumping into things when Andre is around. It's very sweet and endearing.

This book was simply fun and sexy. It had a great cast of characters from Andre & Casey to Law & Anya (maybe a future book here???) It was a lot of fun to see Andre and Casey dance around each other and finally give into their sexual chemistry. The advertising agency continues to be a fun setting and I am enjoying the story lines that Minx is creating here.

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Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

You're cracking my shell on reading this series...I can't take much more's most likely going to go on my TBR poor TBR list. :-P Thanks for another great reave. These are sounding like a lot of fun. What can't be sexy about shy girl getting with playboy sexy man?!