Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silent Night, Haunted Night by Terri Garey

Title:  Silent Night, Haunted Night
AuthorTerri Garey
My RatingA

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Nicki Styx #4
Main Characters: Nicki & Joe
Release Date: October 2009
Publisher: HarperCollins
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $6.99
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
All I haunt for christmas is you . . .
Joe Bascombe is no stranger to desire, but when a sexy spirit begins haunting his dreams, he finds himself ensnared by dark passions. What he doesn't realize is that the devious demon and her two sisters, otherwise known as the Three Fates, are out to teach the woman he loves a lesson . . .
Unwilling psychic Nicki Styx survived a near-death experience to find herself able to see and hear the dead, but she only has eyes for Joe. Together they've conquered evil spirits, saved lost souls, and beaten back the Devil himself, but they're about to learn that there are more things in Heaven and Hell than they ever imagined. As far as Nicki is concerned, Joe is the man of her dreams, but now they're at the mercy of the creature who's invaded his.
It'll be a Christmas to remember . . . and it could be Joe and Nicki's last.

My Review:
Whew! This was a tough book, but absolutely fantastic. Serious issues for Nicki & Joe in this one which made it so hard to read. Heartbreak. Frustration. Disillusionment. Both Nicki & Joe run the whole gamut of emotions in this book, as Joe is the one dealing with temptation and for the first time in the series, questioning Nicki and what she's telling him as truth.

Poor Joe has had to deal with some crazy things in this series so far, but his faith to Nicki has been unwavering. Not so in this book. There is a woman after Joe in this book that has a score to settle with Nicki. Nicki knows that she's not human, but Joe doesn't believe her and every time they are together, they wind up fighting about her.

To complicate matters, Sammy shows up again and this time Nicki is hurt and disillusioned. She doesn't have as much strenght to resist his allure especially when it seems as if he is actually trying to help her.

I really liked that the final book in this series really went back to focus on the relationship between Nicki & Joe. Even though they are having issues, I love these two together. Joe is just such an all-around great guy. He's grown to be such a fun character over the course of the series. He settles Nicki and anchors her when life gets crazy...which it does...a LOT!

Overall, I have loved this series. It's been fun and quirky and a fabulous read for something different. I still adore Sammy and loved that in the end, he truly earned that adoration. I hope that someday Terri Garey will be able to write his HEA, but he is the Devil, so hmmm....


Julie said...

Hmmm indeed. Really, I need to check into this!

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Ok I am totally excited that the HEA is good even though it is not with S!

I am more than excited to start these :)