Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Match Made in Hell by Terri Garey

Title:  A Match Made in Hell
AuthorTerri Garey
My Rating: B

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Nicki Styx #2
Main Characters: Nicki & Joe
Release Date: June 2008
Publisher: HarperCollins
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $6.99
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
A brush with death and a brief trip to the hereafter left vintage clothing store owner Nicki Styx an unwilling ghoulfriend to the dead. She can see and hear spirits, and boy, do they want to be heard! Luckily, her new boyfriend, sexy doc Joe Bascombe, is there to help, especially when Nicki faces her latest ghost, a woman in pink sequins who holds the key to some family secrets.
Unfortunately for Nicki, it turns out that there are more skeletons in the family closet than she thought, including a twin sister and a mysterious house full of spirits and surprises. Things go from bad to worse when the devil himself shows up, determined to lure Nicki from Joe's side. Will she give in to temptation and sell her soul (or someone else's) for one incredible night?
Demons may be a ghoul's best friend, but with this particular hottie, it could be a match made in hell!

My Review:
This book had one basic problem for me...too much Kelly and not enough Joe. Kelly is Nicki's long-lost twin sister. Like Nicki, she sees dead people. Although she is the more plain, boring twin, she has a fascination with the supernatural and the occult. This leaves her more open for corruption.

Kelly's character bugged the heck out of me. She simply refused to acknowledge the possible danger in the things that she is messing with. Between that and the fact that she was bi-polar in the way that she would be nice to Nicki one minute and then pick at Nicki's insecurities about Joe the drove me nuts. I did not like her character at all. Unfortunately, in this book, Kelli's character was the main drive behind the story line instead of Joe so she had LOTS of time in the book. This definitely hurt my overall rating for this book.

One thing that did make me happy was the appearance of Sammy, the Devil. The whole reason that I picked up this series was because of how much I loved him in the book Devil Without a Cause and he mentioned Nicki Styx a lot in that book. He had a minor part in this book, but I know that is going to grow over the rest of the series. 

While this book wasn't as good as book #1 in this series (in my personal opinion,) I am still enjoying the series and think that it's a winner as far as series go. There was a lot more to do with family in this book, and not so much about the other characters in this book that made the first book such a Evan, whom we barely saw at all in this book. Now that the family issues are somewhat settled, I think that the next two books will go back to more of the first book's format with Kelly being more of a side least that is my hope. We will see as book #3 is on the agenda for today...


Julie said...

That's too bad that this book didn't wow you like the first one. At least it didn't turn you off of the series. Nice review. :)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

So this was the sophmore slump book? That is ok with me though---most series have a book that is just kind of off for a person :)