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Deceiving the Protector by Dee Tenorio

Title:  Deceiving the Protector
AuthorDee Tenorio
My Rating: A+

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Series: Resurrection #2
Main Characters: Tate & Lia
Release Date: August 2011
Publisher: Carina Press
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $4.61
Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. But Lia Crawford doesn't seem to want his protection. When she eludes his watch and returns with mysterious injuries, Tate knows she's hiding something. To discover her secrets, Tate will have to win her trust…and get closer to the woman he thinks may be his mate.
Lia has reasons to keep her distance. The killer is haunting her steps, determined to claim her. He will come after them both if he sees how drawn she is to Tate, though it becomes increasingly difficult to deny her attraction to him. Protecting Tate is vital—but will her deception cost her his love?

My Review:
There are books that make me so happy that I am a book reviewer because I never would have found them otherwise. This is one of those books. This is book #2 in the Resurrection series. I have not read #1 (at the time of writing this review- by the time you read this, I can guarantee that has been remedied) but I got an offer of an ARC by the author, Dee Tenorio, so I jumped on it I am so glad that I did. This is another of those books that I can pretty much guarantee you is going to make my Top 10 list for 2011... such a good book!

Lia is a stray and Tate has come out to help protect her and to get her to safety because there is a serial killer that is targeting the Shifters in the area. What Tate doesn't realize is that Lia is well aware of the serial killer because he's her own personal stalker and murders anyone that shows her any kindness which means that Tate is next on his list of people to kill and chop up.

After years of torture and medical experimentation, Lia is trapped in her circumstances. She has lost all hope for herself, but contact with Tate has re-awakened that hope.

As with all shifters, Lia & Tate have an instant connection, but Lia knows that her connnection to him simply threatens his life further. Tate is unwilling to let her go especially as he realizes that she is being hurt and is absolutely terrified. He can't stand by while anyone is being hurt, but add in his attraction to Lia, and there is no way that she is going to get rid of him.

These are both extremely strong people, but Lia is... Wow, just incredible. Most people have died or gone insane after the treatments that she's had to endure, but she has never given in and never relented to the demands made of her regardless of the extra pain that meant she had to endure.

There were so many details to this story that made it really exceptional:
*the entire shifter world is really amazing. They are being hunted so Tate & his brother Pale (the alpha and hero from book #1, Tempting the Enemy) have set up a pack in California (Resurrection) as refuge.
*under high emotions, the wolf shifters' eyes change color to the wolfen golden yellow...very cool detail.
*Lia knows that she is never going to have a normal life, so she grabs whatever happiness she can with Tate. It's a heartbreaking desperation.
*BOTH of these people are willing to do ANYthing to save the other.
*a fabulous cash of characters: Pale & Jade (couple from book #1, Tempting the Enemy) and Betha (who is so freaking funny with her comments and observations.) These are Tate's family and they love him even when he's driving them insane.

The entire book simply throbs with emotion. There is so much desperation and futility to Lia's circumstances. What Tate is willing to give up to help her...*sob*...just so gorgeous. The entire books reeks of action & suspense, passion & love, heartache & desperation, and it is ALL so good!!  From the moment that I started it, I simply could not put it down. Now I am off to read book #1, Tempting the Enemy. If it is even half as good as this book, then I am up for a long night of happy reading.

ETA: Tempting the Enemy WAS also very good! You can see my review of it HERE.

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