Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Provoke Me by Cari Quinn

Title:  Provoke Me
Author: Cari Quinn
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Unveiled #2
Main Characters: Kelly & Spencer
Release Date: June 2011
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $9.99
Borders- $9.39
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Book two in the Unveiled series.

Sometimes extreme provocation can lead to exactly what you need . . . 

Kelly is focused on the bookstore she manages. Sex is relegated to a list of candidates on her PDA. Only one man pushes all her buttons... her boss.

Fascinated. Spencer is determined to fight his desire for Kelly. For years they've bumped heads over the store they both love. But there's more than one reason a potential relationship is too complicated.

Provoked. When Kelly and Spencer unexpectedly meet up at a sex club, all the rules go out the window. Suddenly there's only one way this match of wills can end...naked, preferably all night long. In this battle for sexual supremacy, there are two winners-and two losers, when their stubbornness leads to the very thing each dreads most.

Reader Advisory: In a couple of scenes, Kelly and Spencer test "the more the merrier" theory.

My Review:
Hot, sexy romance set in a bookstore? Yep, this book made me a happy reader. Kelly & Spencer... they have worked together at the bookstore for three years. He's her boss and they have a highly confrontational relationship for most of the time. All of that confrontation though, covers the fact that they are incredibly drawn to one another although neither one is aware of the other's feelings. Until someone leaves Kelly's PDA on Spencer's desk opened to her file of the men that she would like to have sex with...Spencer has the #10 spot on the list.

Hoping to burn off some sexual frustration after a day spent stewing over the PDA and Kelly, Spencer heads to Kink, the local sex club. Unknown to him, Kelly is also headed there with her friend Alana (this is where Reveal Me & Provoke Me story lines overlap- very cool to see the events through another character's eyes.) Kelly recognizes Spencer's car in the parking lot and immediately starts to search him out. Things steam up really quickly from there.

This book had everything... heartbreaking twists, hot trysts, subterfuge, corporate politics, a hot sex club, and the best setting for it all... a wonderful bookstore.

I really liked Kelly's character. She was a cross between all-American nice girl and sexy vixen depending on her mood and how hot Spencer got her. I liked that, no matter what, she told it just like it was- no games, no doubts. She didn't let her pride stand in the way of her honesty. I really liked how she dealt with Spencer even when he was at his lowest point. She didn't hide anything behind emotion- just put it out there and then if she needed to, she fell apart later. She stayed so strong in the face of adversity (but it's okay, I was crying enough for both of us.)

Spencer is a totally straight-laced corporate type. He makes no secret that he is married to the bookstore and that it is his total focus. His completely controlled persona is what makes it so outstanding to read when he loses control...a lot of the time around Kelly. He gets so emotional about, around, and for's a beautiful thing!

A really gorgeous love story. I love both Kelly & Spencer and cannot wait to see more of them in the future additions to this wonderful series. I hear that there's going to be 4 more books (at least) based around the bookstore. Yippeee!!!


♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

OOh This looks good! This is like all bookclub readers dream novel!
I just purchased this for my kindle.

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Ok adding this book and Reveal Me to my TBR list. They sound great! And I LOVE the stories that over lap so you can see what's happening in different scenes through different characters eyes. I think it takes a very talented writer to pull that off.

Julie said...

And this one too. :)