Thursday, May 12, 2011

TBR Thursday-- I-Team edition...

It's time for another edition of what's in my TBR pile...

There can be one word for this week...I-Team!

This series of 5 books (so far) has been receiving RAVE REVIEWS so this week I am digging in and reading the whole series. I hope that you all are ready to go on this romantic suspense adventure with me. ;o) You can read about the I-Team series on Pamela Clare's website, HERE. I think that the reviews will start going up here either Saturday or Sunday.

Other than that, I am working on a couple of anthologies (on the left up there.) These were on my TBR list last week so I won't link them up again. So far, I have read one story out of each and am VERY happy with them.

And, I have a couple of stories happening from my Kindle which I should be reviewing.

So far, this is shaping up to be a VERY good week reading-wise!! I hope that you all are ready for some good reviews!

So, what are you reading this week?? 
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JoAnne Kenrick said...

I just discovered the I-Team books via the Fresh Fiction newsletter! Hot darn, the cover for Breaking Point is HAWT! This series has just been raced to the top of my to-read list for sure :)

Anonymous said...

If I would have commented last Thursday I would say:
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Lipstick on His Collar by Inez Kelley
Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter
Oogy by Larry Levin (I'm reading now)
Yay for summer and being able to read more now! :-D I've read the first three books alread.