Saturday, May 14, 2011

Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

Title:   Extreme Exposure
AuthorPamela Clare
My Rating: A-

Genre: contemporary suspense
Series: I-Team #1
Main Characters: Kara McMillan & Reece Sheridan
Release Date: August 2005
978-0425206331 or 0425206335
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
It's been years since her child's father dumped her, and since then investigative reporter Kara McMillan has kept men at bay—although every day she aches more for a lover's touch. But to get that, the hard-boiled journalist must become vulnerable—a feeling she vowed never to have again.

With his dangerous good looks, charm, and power, Senator Reece Sheridan could have just about any woman he sets his piercing eyes on. But he’s intrigued by only one. This Kara, this gutsy investigative reporter, has a sensuality that arouses him to no end. If she’s a firebrand in print, he guesses, she must be just as fiery in bed…

But this is no fling. A sudden political scandal—and attempts on Kara's life—could very well drive them apart. Or maybe, just maybe, adversity could draw them into a bond even more intense than their steamy sexual embraces…

My Review:
The first of the I-Team series by Pamela Clare. These books cover the journalists that make up a special group of Investigative journalists from a Denver newspaper. Pamela Clare knows her stuff- she's spent years as both an investigative journals and editor and that knowledge shows through this novel. Smart, fast-paced, sexy, and's a great read!

Kara is an investigative journalist for the Denver newspaper. She's investigating a company guilty of environmental abuses that have been covered up at all levels of the state government. To make things complicated she has just started dating Sen. Reece Sheridan. He's a former school teacher who ran for Senate as a result of a challenge from his students  to make a difference. He's been working on that ever since he was elected esp. on the environmental front.

I loved Reece's character. He's the type that I hope that we still have in our political scene...committed to his priorities with zero corruption. He's also completely committed to Kara- he's all-in with this relationship even while she is balking at how serious he's become. He knows what he wants and he goes after it- and what he wants is Kara- he just has to make sure that she stays alive. This is a guy that isn't afraid to show emotion, sexy, loves kids...pretty much perfect! He even gets along well with Kara's flighty mother.

Kara's smart, driven, and very passionate. She hasn't had a lover since she got pregnant with her son 5 yrs ago. She is totally committed to her son, Connor, at the detriment of her own life and it's time for her to have some fun whether she realizes it or not. One of my favorite things about her character was watching her when she got pushed too far- then she becomes a wildcat. I loved watching her having it out with her boss- great scenes! She's scared about where her relationship with Reece is going, but she admits that at the same time she needs him regardless- swoon!  There are some fabulous scenes in this book!

I am excited. This was a great 1st book. I can't wait to read the rest of them!


Jen D. said...

Great review Christi. I'm really interested to see the rest of the your reviews for this series.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I bought it and can't wait to delve in :) I have a feeling these will turn into my June series read :)

The Book Vixen said...

I want to read this one so bad!! I need to get a copy.

Anonymous said...

These books sound great! Thanks for the wonderful reviews. :-) None of them have been lower than a B- rating and I'd say that's great with how many books you read! :-D