Monday, April 18, 2011

Operation: Spank Me by Christina James

Title:   Operation: Spank Me
Author: Christina James
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Finn Coleman & Emma Shields
Release Date: February 2011
ISBN978-1601549174 or 
Publisher: Wild Rose Press- Scarlett Rose
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Amazon- $12.99
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:

What begins as a sexy cyber affair quickly turns into the real thing when Lt. Finn Coleman shows up on Emma Shield's doorstep to fulfill all her fantasies. When Emma doesn't match the persona she presented online, he decides to seduce and discover the sensual woman who claimed she enjoyed spankings and bondage. But Finn is a career military man with a dangerous mission ahead. All Emma wanted was to live out her hottest fantasies with her luscious new pen pal. She felt safe pretending to be a wicked seductress with Finn a world away. Then he shows up, bigger than life and making even her wildest dreams seem tame. All too soon, Emma realizes that more is at stake than her heart and losing Finn is not part of the plan.

My Review:
How can you not love a book with that title?!?

This book was fabulous. First and foremost, it is an erotic romance so there was definitely lots of very hot sex, but it is also a fantastic romantic story.

Emma is a single, 29 yo woman running a farm in a small town where all the young people have pretty much moved away. It's a very singular, lonely lifestyle. As a result, she has developed an online friendship with Finn, a Navy SEAL, while he is deployed overseas. Their friendship has become very erotic, but Emma knows that they will never meet in person, so she feels safety in their very erotic correspondence. You can only imagine her surprise when she opens her door one evening to find Finn standing on her doorstep.

Finn quickly discovers that Emma isn't quite how she presented herself online, but he's even more intrigued because of it. Their one evening together quickly develops into his entire leave as he teaches her all the levels that their sexual relationship can go to (they both enjoy a bit of BDSM) and she shows him how nice it can be to wake up with your sexual partner in the morning.

The romance of this story is really sweet and beautiful. It's wonderful to watch both of these proud, independent people grow into a relationship that completely fulfills them both esp. as neither of them was expecting or wanting it.

The end of the book had me bawling. I don't want to give anything way...just trust me when I say that it was so good. Gotta love a man in uniform and Finn is all-that and more...super-sexy, powerful, totally self-assured, and in control. YUM!

If you love a hot, erotic, military man, then I think that this is a book that you will enjoy.

Now I need to go check out the rest of Christina James' backlist....


bdsm bondage slave said...

super sexyy

Julie said...

I guess this truly is a case of "don't judge a book by it's cover". You have intrigued