Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Night Owl and the Insomniac by J. Leigh Bailey

Title: The Night Owl and the Insomniac
Author: J. Leigh Bailey
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Romance (m/m)
Series: Shifter U #3
Main Characters: Joey and Owen
Release Date: July 2018
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
A Shifter U Tale

Long nights lead to intrigue… and infatuation. 

Chronically ill with a mysterious condition, Yusuf “Joey” Franke escapes his smothering family and doctors by moving halfway across the country to enroll in Cody College. Not long after arriving on campus, some of his symptoms disappear, only to be replaced by debilitating insomnia. Joey spends his nights wandering the halls of his dormitory and hanging out with gregarious and affable Owen, who works the night shift.

When he suddenly shifts from a sick college kid to a massive Asiatic lion, Joey discovers another side to Cody College—it’s a haven for shifters like himself… and like Owen, a part-time great horned owl. And being a shifter is hereditary, which means his parents have some explaining to do.

When Joey and Owen investigate, they discover more than they bargained for—a family deception, a dangerous enemy with international connections, and a love that might be too new to survive the backlash.
My Review:

OMG, Joey's story is so heartbreaking. Seriously, what he's gone through is just awful. No wonder he needs an escape, so he escapes to go to college in Cody, Wyoming, not having a clue as to what he's in for. Joey doesn't sleep. After years of being chronically ill, he just can't get his body to relax so that's how he meets Owen, who mans the nighttime desk of the dorm. The two strike up a friendship built on nocturnal wanderings and chess. 

And then everything in Joey's life goes a little nuts. 

I am really enjoying this series, but this story took a totally different turn and I really liked it. I loved all the details and the twists and turns that wound in and around Joey and Owen's budding romance. 

It was a fun book and from the moment I started reading it, I didn't put it down. There's quite a bit of suspense to all these books and I liked it a lot. Both characters were likable guys and I loved how Joey's character arc developed and grew. 

I definitely recommend this one and the entire Shifter U series. They're simply fun, entertaining stories and any one can be read as a standalone, but I bet after you start them you will want to read them all.

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