Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Man Down by Tracy Tappan

Title: Man Down
Author: Tracy Tappan
My Rating: A

Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Series: Wings of Gold #3
Main Characters: Jason and Farrin
Release Date: February 2017
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The only two survivors of a helicopter crash on Pakistani soil, Lieutenant Commander Jason “Casanova” Vanderby and Petty Officer Shane “Mad Dog” Madden barely escape the smoking wreckage of their helo and hike to a nearby aid station for help. The head doctor, Farrin Barr, has recently evacuated all staff from the facility, leaving her alone to deal with the two military men…and the terrorist horde hunting them.

Chased across northern Pakistan in a race for their lives, Jason and Farrin end up running from their own personal demons as much as from the enemy pursuing them. For Jason, being around his childhood friend, Shane, awakens unwelcome memories of an abusive past, while Farrin is haunted by a decision she made that forever changed her life.

In the midst of the chaos, both mental and physical, no one is more surprised by the attraction forming between Jason and Farrin than they are. Both have lived their lives closed off to relationships, unable to let go of the memories that haunt them. But just when they find the courage to move forward together, people from both of their pasts come back and threaten to destroy the new foundations of their love.

Content guidelines: Contains profanity, violence and adult situations. This is a standalone novel.

My Review:
I had no idea what to expect going into this novel, since I had never read this author before, but I get in the mood for a good military romance, and OMG...this was a fantastic one!!

So, this is not your typical romance novel. In fact, it's quite a ways into the book before the heroine even appears on the page because this book is about so much more than the romance (although I adored the romance, too). 

This book starts with a friendship. Jason and Shane met when they were children. Jason was the kid born with the silver spoon in his mouth, Shane was the son of the maid. On the surface they had nothing in common. But digging deeper, these two have a much tighter bond than a person would expect because they both had deplorable fathers. They connected through that and that connection didn't waver all the way through their very trying teenage years (when they both ended up on their own at 16) and into the Navy. But it was on the day of graduating from BUDS as SEALS that their connection severed. 

The real meat of the story takes place ten years after that, but there are tons of flashbacks throughout to show just what these guys meant to one another. But 10 years later, they haven't spoken when the two are the only survivors of a helicopter crash. The evacuate to a medical aide hospital in Afghanistan where they meet Farrin...a doctor working at the hospital although she's evacuated almost everyone with the fighting nearby (fighting because of their mission). 

When they arrive she's virtually alone and then things go tits up from there and all three are on the run for their lives. 

It's a wonderful book with incredibly well-written suspense. Farrin isn't without her own demons and her story just added to the wonderful depth of the entire book. 

I loved every moment of reading this one and honestly only put it down to sleep once I started it (and only did that because there was no way I could stay up all night to finish it). Now I'm stalking Tracy Tappan's author pages wondering when Shane's story is coming, because I want it yesterday. 

If you like tough, gritty, wonderfully emotional military romantic suspense, I highly recommend this one!

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