Monday, July 9, 2018

Fight For You by Nina Crespo

Title: Fight For You
Author: Nina Crespo
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Kingman Brothers #2
Main Characters: Aiden and Delanie
Release Date: July 2018
Publisher: Pocket Star
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
In this second of the Kingman Brothers series, Aiden Kingman is reunited with the woman he mistakenly wronged seven years ago...and this time around, he’s determined to make things right.

Seven years ago, Aiden Kingman had to choose between betraying Delanie Clark and her father or staying loyal to his father’s company. He chose his father—losing Delanie in the process—and he’s regretted it ever since. Now as CEO and partner in Kingman Partners International, he needs to finalize buying a retreat property, but there’s one major hold up: Delanie is the contract negotiator for the owner, and she doesn’t trust him.

Delanie and her father lost everything when Aiden’s father lied about his intentions for buying her family’s mountain retreat. She swore that she would never have anything to do with Aiden Kingman again. But now she’s facing him across the negotiating table, and sparks that had previously been stamped out reignite between them. When tragedy places the deal on the line, will they put their history behind them? Or will the deal cost them both their second chance at love?

Nina Crespo, author of the charming and sexy Forget You, is back with a sizzling romance that will have you believing in second chances, forgiveness, and learning to love despite the past.
My Review:
This book is a second chance at love story that neither the hero nor the heroine ever saw coming. 

Seven years before the two were desperately in love when a deal between Aiden's family and Delaney's father destroyed it all. Aiden's dad is a selfish jerk...that hasn't changed in seven years. What has changed is that Aiden has made it out from under his thumb so he has choices in how he conducts business now...because he owns it with his brother, King.

So, when Delaney is sent to negotiate a deal with him, he's ready to convince her to give him a second chance. She's not so sure. Yes, she's still attracted to him, but she will never trust him again. 

I enjoyed the story. While there were a few moments when I wanted to kick everyone involved because of really bad decisions, I really loved the scenes at the resort that they're negotiating over (and love how that ultimately turned out). There was some fantastic chemistry between the hero and heroine and an interesting side-plot with everything going into the deal that the two of them are trying to negotiate. 

I liked the first book in the series (King and Sophie) and I enjoyed this one, too. While you can certainly read this one as a stand alone, it helps to understand all the family dynamics to have read the first one beforehand. Also, it was really fun to see King and Sophie in this story. 

I recommend it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest and voluntary review.

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