Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dream by Garrett Leigh

Title: Dream
Author: Garrett Leigh
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: Skins #1
Main Characters: Dylan and Angel
Release Date: January 2018
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
I can’t sleep…

When unrequited love leaves Dylan Hart sleepless and nursing his wounds, instinct draws him to the one place he's found mindless respite in the past—Lovato’s. It’s a place for every fantasy — for crazy-hot encounters — where a night of insane NSA sex brings relief to Dylan’s fragile feelings.

It should be a perfect escape, and for one magical night it seems that way, but then worlds collide, and reality bites when his hookup desperately needs a friend. Surely Dylan can’t trust his instincts when friendship has bruised his heart so badly before? 

It’s burying me alive…

The deck is stacked against former ballet dancer Angelo Giordano ever finding real love. At least visiting Lovato’s offers respite from a life defined by illness; a glimmer of light in the dull grey of his so-called life without dance. But then he encounters Dylan — a glorious ray of the brightest sunshine — who makes his heart pound once more with purpose.

Angelo’s mind is blown by this man, but the disease that ended his career won’t let him bask in new love. He’s drowning, and Dylan can’t save him while insecurities swamp them both. The only way to make it means confronting their demons. 

If Dylan can turn his back on the past, and Angelo can face his uncertain future, maybe they can chase their dreams together.

Standalone. 60000 words. First in the electric new series from bestselling author Garrett Leigh.

My Review:
I've never met a Garrett Leigh book that I didn't enjoy reading and this one was no exception. I love the depths of her characters. She puts her boys through the wringer, but wow, does that make for some excellent reading. 

In this book, Angel is barely surviving life by the skin of his teeth. He's working himself to the bone trying to keep the family deli up and running by himself. The one place where he feels like his old self and in control is at the club...which is where he meets Dylan...although Dylan never sees Angel because Dylan is blindfolded for the entire encounter.

A week later, Angel has finally accepted that he's in dire straits financially and goes into the financial help office where he finds Dylan. He's so stunned, he blurts out exactly where he knows Dylan from, pretty much to the horror of both of them. 

And a relationship is born, although it starts out with a bit of stalking that quickly evolved into much more. But it doesn't take long for Dylan to realize that there's a whole lot more going wrong in Angel's life than his screwed up finances...and then things get really good. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am so excited that I'm reading it just in time for book #3 to come out, so the series will be complete. I love it when I can read series back to back like that and I plan to sit back and just enjoy this one. 

Lots of low-level angst and high-level sexy times...yep, it's a Garrett Leigh book and that means good reading all the way around. 

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