Thursday, July 5, 2018

Believe by Garrett Leigh

Title: Believe 
Author: Garrett Leigh
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Skins #3
Main Characters: Rhys and Jevon
Release Date: June 2018
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Flight paramedic Rhys Foster is hooked on adrenaline. By day it’s blood and guts, by night it’s the thrill of the club. With a different face in his bed most nights, he doesn’t have time to be lonely…right? 

Entertainer Jevon Campbell is a play therapist like no other—dancer, magician, acrobat, he brings it all to his global mission to help children in need laugh again. He’s on a rare home visit when he encounters enigmatic Rhys in a London bar. 

Their connection is instant, but Rhys fast realises Jevon’s easy confidence doesn’t stretch as far as the bedroom. He has no idea how mesmerising he is—how beautiful—and Rhys resolves to show him. 

They grow closer, but time isn’t on their side. Rhys seems unable to articulate how he feels, and with Jevon’s imminent departure from the UK hanging over them, their separate commitments could tear them apart forever. 

As the days slip by, Rhys must learn to believe he’s worth the happiness Jevon is offering.
My Review:

Okay, this review may seem a little wishy-washy, but for me so was this story...although I will admit that by the end of the story, I loved it. But a lot of the first half just didn't feel right to me. 

Both of these guys work high stress, high risk jobs. Rhys is a chopper paramedic and Jevon works in the refugee camps with children who've been traumatized by life. Both of them do amazing things in their lives, but both of them really brush that aside. Throughout the story and especially at the beginning, I think the author was trying to really relay that trauma and the resulting emotional baggage and the emotional walls the characters have around themselves to protect themselves from the hurt. But a lot times (in the beginning) their emotions just came off as bouncing all over the place and that may truly be how it is when dealing with certain people who work in high stress jobs like this. They're drawn to the work because of the kindness in their souls, but to survive it, they have to almost harden themselves to all that pain. It has to be such an incredibly hard balance to maintain.

But with all that aside, there is such an incredible story here. The world is filled with so much trauma and a lot of it plays out between the pages of this story. It's a trauma that's painful for the survivors, but so often those who do incredible work with those survivors are overlooked with the pain they've gone through, too. Garrett Leigh did a great job with showing that in the end of this book. 

And I really liked these two guys. I like how they relate and how their relationship develops slowly over time. They are a one-night stand that slowly becomes a friendship and then more although neither one of them ever expected or planned for that to happen. They more ways than they ever expected. 

While this was my least favorite of the series, it's still an incredible story with an even more incredible message. 

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