Friday, June 15, 2018

Take a Shot by Samantha Wayland

Title: Take A Shot
Author: Samantha Wayland
My Rating: A

Genre: Sports Romance (m/m)
Main Characters: Chris and Tim
Release Date: June 2018
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
If you want to score, you have to take the shot. 

Chris Kimball is good at keeping things to himself, but when he breaks his leg during a hockey game, he quickly realizes his biggest secret might be impossible to keep. It was hard enough being in love with his best friend and teammate, Tim Robineau, but when Tim takes care of him as he recovers, Chris’s feelings only grow stronger. 

Tim is aware that some people think he’s dumb, but they’re wrong. He’s just an easy-going guy who enjoys spending time with his team and friends—especially Chris. Tim has dated a lot of women who couldn’t understand that, and figures he’s cursed when it comes to love—but he’s not. He just doesn’t know it. 


***This story previously appeared in the Changing on the Fly Anthology*** 

My Review:

Ooh, this is a quick read, but I loved reading it. It's a great friends to lovers story, and because it's friends to lovers, the quick build-up works. These two guys have been best friends forever so when the romance happens, it's believable.

There is an extraordinary event that pushes them to this point of becoming something more. Chris and Tim play for the same hockey team, but when Chris takes a bad hit, it breaks his leg leaving him so he has to rely on Tim for everything. That brings them closer together...a lot closer together since Tim is sleeping with Chris to keep an eye on him. 

The thing is...Tim is straight, even though Chris has just been pretending not to have feelings for Tim. But remarkably, Tim is the more open of the two about a relationship developing. 

I really enjoyed this book. Both Tim and Chris were fun characters. They were awesome together. I am a sucker for a wounded hero, so I liked the setup with Chris needing Tim to take care of him.

Pretty much everything in the story worked for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was fast and the end was a tiny bit abrupt, but I loved the story and totally fell in love with these two guys. I loved getting to watch them fall in love with one another. 

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