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Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Title: Alex, Approximately 
Author: Jenn Bennett
My Rating: A

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Main Characters: Bailey and Porter
Release Date: April 2017
Publisher: Simon Pulse
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
The one guy Bailey Rydell can’t stand is actually the boy of her dreams—she just doesn’t know it yet.

Classic movie fan Bailey “Mink” Rydell has spent months crushing on a witty film geek she only knows online as Alex. Two coasts separate the teens until Bailey moves in with her dad, who lives in the same California surfing town as her online crush.

Faced with doubts (what if he’s a creep in real life—or worse?), Bailey doesn’t tell Alex she’s moved to his hometown. Or that she’s landed a job at the local tourist-trap museum. Or that she’s being heckled daily by the irritatingly hot museum security guard, Porter Roth—a.k.a. her new archnemesis. But life is a whole lot messier than the movies, especially when Bailey discovers that tricky fine line between hate, love, and whatever it is she’s starting to feel for Porter.

And as the summer months go by, Bailey must choose whether to cling to a dreamy online fantasy in Alex or take a risk on an imperfect reality with Porter. The choice is both simpler and more complicated than she realizes, because Porter Roth is hiding a secret of his own: Porter is Alex…Approximately.

My (Christi- Mom's) Review:

This is another joint review between my daughter (11 yo) and me...and yes, I'm well aware that some of the subject matter in this book was a little old for her, but we have a very open dialogue about any questions/concerns she might have. She's extremely mature for her age and writing her own stories, so I'm fine with her reading this type of older book, especially as I know the exact context of the details in the story since I'm reading the books along with her, too.

My first thought when I finished this book was dang, that was so good. There towards the end, I cried and I laughed and I finished the book with a big, wide smile on my face. In my opinion, that makes this a fabulous story that I most definitely got completely swept up into. 

There were so many things that I truly loved about this book, but first and foremost has to be the setting. I've never been to California, but if I ever go...I want to go to THIS TOWN! It was so quaint and picturesque. I loved the boardwalk, and the little shops, and the quacky cave museum (seriously I want to go there), and the film festival, and the churro carts, and the surfing and beach scenes. All of it sounded just so picturesque and quaint.

And then there's Bailey...who had just as much style as the town. I loved her Vespa with the leopard print seat and her 40's rockabilly style. I want to be her...seriously. She was awesome. But I also loved getting to see her evolve. She starts out the book stating flat-out...she's an avoider...a dodger. She doesn't want to stand out, get involved, have the spotlight on her. But she's the new girl and that takes a certain amount of courage to get out there and make new friends. She has a GREAT character arc. 

I loved the fact that Bailey and Porter connected before she moved there (and that's not a spoiler because it's in the story description). The anticipation of it all coming out was fantastic, but the actual event was even more emotional than I ever expected it to be (I mentioned tears AND laughing, right?) So, yeah, I pretty much loved this book. I hope to reread it over and over again.

And now I'm totally in the mood to rent some of the classic have I never seen The Philadelphia Story? I think Kat and I need to have a girls' classic movie day. Note...I loved, loved, loved all the movie quotes at the beginning of each chapter. 

Seriously, you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!! It's just so much fun!

Kat's Review (11yo):

Ok so this book made me feel so many emotions throughout the time I was reading it. When I’m on the verge of jumping up in down screaming because something romantic happened you know I’m reading a  really good book. 

I was so intrigued into this book form the moment I read the first chapter. I mean Bailey is just my kind of girl. She’s so curious, kind, smart, funny, and just a little bit geeky at times. She is just the kind of girl who you can relate to so easily. 

This book over all was so amazing and relatable! I very highly recommend this book and give it 10/10!

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